This is the 2nd part of my 5 part blog series recapping my “best” blogs and articles of the year.

As a holiday gift to you, I am listing all my 2012 bloggs and articles in easy to access categories that you can refer to time and again. What this means to you is that you can quickly find your topics of interest, digest the material, and then use the information as a guide for creating a successful 2013.

Throughout the series, I’ll feature articles and blogs on leadership development, retaining talented employees, avoiding the aftermath of the current recession, strategic insight of progressive thinkers and organizations, restoring a positive work culture, and much more. So stay tuned for the entire 5 part series!

Before we get started….

If you missed my 1st blog set, “Polls, Research, and Surveys,” check it out because you won’t want to miss a thing. This blog category contains 18 articles and represents the “pulse of corporate America” today. You’ll find research and results from online surveys about the looming decline of quality workers, why Americans are afraid to retire, and what issues keep decision-makers up at night!

Today’s 2nd series of blogs is a big one! There are 30 topics that cover Management, Leadership, and HR issues facing corporate America and non-profits today. But don’t worry…you’ll find the topics that interest you quickly so you can make the necessary strategic adjustments now for the coming year.

These 30 blogs are categorized by subject so dive right in. You’ll find topics of interest that provide insight on:

  • becoming a more dynamic leader employees will gladly champion
  • how to move your organization forward in the “new” economic norm
  • creating the ideal executive “dream team”
  • how unethical leadership practices are contagious and destructive
  • how to recruit the best and the brightest talent
  • why employees are moving on to greener pastures after the recession

Now that I have whetted your appetite, here are my best Management, Leadership, and HR Issue blogs for 2012:

Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive and Well

  1. Santa Clara University Offering a Minor for Entrepreneurs
  2. Seek Out the Entrepreneurs in Your Organization with These 4 Questions
  3. How to Recruit an Elite Team of Employees When You Are a Start-up Company

Team Development Points to Ponder

  1. Leadership Team Development Points to Widening Gap in Gender Preference
  2. Leadership Team Development with a Soft Skill Focus
  3. Employees Need Support From Management for Skill Development
  4. 6 Management Mistakes Your Team Development Tools Must Address to Retain Top Talent

Leadership – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. 3 Goals to Take Into 2012 to Empower Your Team Leadership
  2. Study Identifies Best Companies for Leadership
  3. Management Lessons from Macintosh – A Nice Crisp Must Read
  4. “Shy” Leader Knows How to Build Strong Employee Relationships through Transparency
  5. Can “Executive Dream Teams” Be More than Just Fantasy?
  6. Are Unethical Business Leaders Spawning the Next Generation of Toxic Leaders?

Risk and Project Management

  1. Risk VS Reward: A Proactive Approach to Risk Management
  2. C-Suite Disconnect Between Risk Management Expectations and Formal Structures
  3. New Book Provides Guidance for Improving Project Results
  4. I Love It When a Team Comes Together – Project Management Your Way
  5. How to Turn an Embarrassing Business Purchase into an Opportunity

Sticky HR Issues in the Workplace

  1. Pink Slips are On the Decline, but “I’m Outta Here” Is On the Rise
  2.  The Pitfalls of Social Media Go Beyond Employer “Snooping”
  3.  Honesty, Integrity, Accountability… Where Are These Values?
  4.  Is Potential Or Actual Achievement More Alluring For Job Hiring?
  5.  Dealing With An Employee’s Death In The Workplace

Economic, Financial, and Unemployment Issues

  1. Is “Business as Usual” the Ultimate Demise of Your Organization in 2012?
  2.  Chief Economist Diane Swonk’s Economic Projections
  3.  “Finances” a Big Stress Factor to Recognize in National Men’s Health Week
  4.  How To Handle Your Team Dynamic After Election Day
  5. National Program Putting the Long-Term Unemployed Back to Work Sparked By Successful Connecticut Program

Business Coaching and Consulting Advice

  1. Are You a Trainer, Facilitator, or Consultant? Opportunities Await.
  2.  7 Tips to Hiring a Business Coach or Consultant to Ease Your Organization’s Pain

This concludes today’s group of blogs and articles. Hopefully you come away with a wealth of information! Here is what’s coming down the pike over the next few days as we wrap up 2012 and move into 2013.

  • Series  3 –  Employee Engagement (and disengagement)
  • Series 4 – Kudos to Progressive Leaders and Organizations (and how they are blazing a trail for success in 2013!)
  • Series 5 – Workplace culture  (What’s working and what’s not)

2013 Engagement, Retention & Growth Summit

I recently concluded another successful year at TIGERS Success Series with a conference-based training summit a few weeks ago – Engagement, Retention & Growth. I, along with 9 other industry leaders, presented 10 viable solutions on how organizations can go beyond surviving the recent recession to thriving! If you missed it, don’t worry. I am planning another summit in May 2013 and will post details on how to register in upcoming blogs. Research collected from the past 3 recessions by the Harvard Business Review showed that only 9% of businesses come out of a recession stronger than ever. This means that 91% of businesses failed, were acquired, or merely limped along. So you won’t want to miss my February summit!

Licensed TIGERS Facilitator Opportunities Await

I am always looking for dynamic business coaches, internal and external trainers, facilitators, educators, and leadership consultants to join the TIGERS team. With opportunities to “brainstorm” with like-minded thought leaders, utilize the proven TIGERS Team Wheel and an arsenal of team-building resource tools, the “royalty free” TIGERS Facilitation Certification is the solution for the right candidates. Use proven resources and assessment tools that reveal behavioral issues, sources of conflict, undiscovered skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses within a team or organization. If you are a dynamic business coach or internal trainer searching for solutions to take your organization or consulting business to the next level, I want to hear from you.

About Dianne:

Dianne Crampton is the Founder of TIGERS Success Series. She is the leader in building successful quality-focused and cooperative team culture communities. As a thought leader in the team culture movement, she has been published by Barrett Koehler, Pfeiffer (an in print of John Wiley & Sons) and Three Creeks. Her latest work, TIGERS Among Us: Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive has received international acclaim. Nominated by Merrill Lynch for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for a team culture change system that helps leaders bring about desired team culture change remarkably fast, she certifies and licenses consultants, facilitators, and HR leader to use the proven TIGERS team culture system within their organization with measurable success. TIGERS helps leaders build and improve trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk, and success in teams which results in a dynamic work environment that attracts and retains very talented, quality-focused people. Subscribe today to receive instant access to Dianne’s general membership where like-minded professionals discover valuable resources for team, leadership, and cooperative work environment development that grow organizations in a scalable and measured way.