TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ measures the quality of 6 Principles required for high-performance team dynamics and work culture behavior. The six principles are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.

Improve Collaboration, Connection, Engagement, and Work Culture

Taking a buckshot approach to workforce development means you may or may not hit the target.  But you will have invested time, money and profitability to follow through on a hunch. Were you successful? Did you hit the target? How do you know?

Predict Behavior, Prescribe Results

By their inclusion or omission, the TIGERS 6 Principles predict and prescribe your best and most profitable course of action in correcting work culture and department behavior. This is important to your bottom line because poor behavior damages productivity and profitability. Missing the target does, too.

With the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ you can measure the quality of the 6 Principles in your work culture and department behavior, identify problem areas that keep you from missing your target, and outline a course of action to change those behaviors so your workforce is more collaborative, connected and successful.

See for yourself. A sample TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile report is now available so you can assess the the quality of information you receive to chart your course.

Measure ROI Over Time

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile system includes 3 surveys – a benchmark and two comparison surveys

  • Take the time you need for your workforce development initiatives to take hold before assessing your next steps.
  • Track important productivity improvements against your profit and loss statement to assess your return on investment each step of the way.

The sample TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile shows you a comparison of assessments one and two so you can see how you can track improvements over time.

Download Sample Report

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Valid and Reliable

Independently evaluated twice by Gonzaga University and the Washington State Education Association, the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile measures both company-wide behavior and individual department dynamics. Ensure that your workforce development strategies, leadership coaching and training are on target with sustainable, successful results … before you launch your initiatives — not after.


Leona Dater, Washington Education Association

“We found the TIGERS survey instrument incredibly accurate as a snapshot picture of team behavior. We used that information to provide direction for site councils in selecting future staff development training.”