Certification Level 2 – Facilitating Change and TIGERS Cross-Functional Team Development

Training, Tools, Templates and Simulation for Facilitating Successful Change and Cross-Functional Team Development

Level 2 – Facilitating Change and Cross-Functional Team Development

In Level 2 Certification, we offer you Change Management to help you prepare organizational leaders for effective work-culture improvement. Here you prepare organizational leaders for responsible change or improvement.

TIGERS has developed and implemented a system approach over the years that stresses client education. We teach you to facilitate a powerful simulation that emotionally engages Executives in their roles and responsibilities for implementing the change process.

In Certification Level 1 you learned to use tools and facilitation methods that take you to this next level in Change Management. This includes how to engage your clients’ employees so they champion positive change. 

What You Learn

In this training you learn to prepare your clients for change, facilitate their change planning and develop cross-functional teams for plan execution. You also:

1. Learn about the Sponsor agreement, Team Charter, Review Team and Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities.

2.  Work with the steps and processes for high performance team delivery. Reusable templates are provided.

3. Practice working with a powerful Change Management Simulation that takes Executives through the demonstrated steps of Change Management. Show them how to avoid mistakes that contribute to the high rate of change failure.

4. Use this simulation repeatedly with your clients, at conferences, and your own paid events.  

5. You are also released to train your clients to use TIGERS resources internally.

Certification Level 2 is a live, hands-on training event where you practice within the training design.

You are going to rapidly identify and establish high-performing change management behaviors unique to your client teams. 

Integrate Teams Fast!

 Build successful change management plans and develop high performance cross-functional teams. 

Appropriate for Consultants working with:

  • Executive Level Planning,
  • Culture Change,
  • Employee-Centric  Development and Change,
  • Change Management Initiatives

Facilitating Change and Cross-Functional Team Development Client Benefits and Outcomes

When you add TIGERS Level 2 Certification to your tool-belt you gain high level planning and facilitation services for Executive clients.

For your clients, the toughest, most crucial part of the process is gathering employee feedback and actually implementing change based on what staff are saying. You will help your clients by facilitating critical change planning that skillfully incorporates justified staff feedback.

Your clients understand that improving company culture requires a shift from simply issuing orders to understanding the importance of creating a positive and supportive work environment. Every TIGERS 6 Principles tool is at your disposal to achieve this end.

The biggest change gap for your clients is the tension between the status quo and adapting to employees’ change expectations. You will understand how to engage employees to champion change by including them in the change planning and execution process.

You learn to reconcile these gaps with communication planning. You will learn to build consensus for change so that everyone in the room agrees to the work ahead.

An organization’s culture must evolve in order to keep mid-career employees from jumping ship. This is achieved by building and sustaining high levels of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success in the workplace.  Change from the status quo to an improved work culture does not come by simply adjusting value statements.


Prepare Clients for Change

Teach leaders to identify when their team does not have the capacity to change and what to do about it. Does the team have the behavior to be interdependent? Is the organization still stuck with silos of groups competing rather that cooperating? Teach leaders to identify what pre-work your team may need before they are able to move toward being an effective change planning team.




Level 2 Benefits

  • Add revenue streams 
  • Work with the C-Suite
  • Boost client retention
  • Lengthen contracts
  • Referrals

Lengthen Your Contracts

The work culture is shaped by day-to-day processes and employees’ experiences. What systems are they exposed to?  What processes are they executing or witnessing?  Are concerns expressed and resolved?

These issues are currently top of mind for many companies and their leaders. Licensing Level 2 puts you as a consultant at the front of the line.

Level 2 Training Includes:

Hands-on Practical Application During the Training Design.

Rapid Integration Reusable Resources

You receive many valuable and reusable resources including:

  • Change Management Simulation
  • E-book participant manuals
  • Templates

Licensing Rights - Level 2

Along with change management  training, your certification includes a powerful change management simulation to repeatedly use and the right to train your clients to use TIGERS resources.

Prerequisite for Level 2:

TIGERS Level 1 Certification