TIGERS 6 Principles Fundamentals

Get Certified to Coach, Consult and Facilitate TIGERS Assessments and Training.

Empowering You

We believe that the TIGERS 6 Principles Fundamentals™ Licensing and simple proven system can lift the world one team at a time, and we’d like to partner with you to do so. We believe in empowering and supporting you, the independent consultant, project manager, or coach, to help your client teams become more cooperative, collaborative, and engaged while increasing their revenue, productivity and efficiency.

Valid and Reliable

When you use TIGERS you bring 30+ years of research and proven results to your organizational development and coaching initiatives. With TIGERS, you get simple tools that make common sense to your clients. TIGERS turn-key resources, online training, and group diagnostics coordinate well with Leadership and Communication surveys like DISC, Diversity Training and other resources you already love to use.

Common-sense System

Qualified consultants, project managers and coaches are trained in TIGERS simple proven methods. Certification includes the right to use and facilitate the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™, micro-training platform, and additional resources.

Expand Your Revenue

If you are looking to expand your revenue and produce a return on investment for your client, start the TIGERS 6 Principles Fundamentals Certification process today!

“TIGERS Facilitation Training is not a one-off event. The skills, templates and resources are something I use over and over. It has helped me facilitate Executive Team decision-making and planning that is successful because of unanimous support and buy-in.” 

Barbara Emmanuel

Sunswept Resorts

Level 1 – TIGERS 6 Principles Fundamentals

Assessing, Consulting, Coaching and Facilitating

Level 1 training is perfect for consultants, project managers, and coaches who work with new managers, teams, people running project and cross-functional teams, departmental managers and, yes, even senior executives. You learn the underlying TIGERS 6 Principles that set high-performing teams apart from others. You will also focus on assessing, consulting, and coaching with the TIGERS principles.

Become a TIGERS Consultant & Coach

Assess, Consult, Coach.

Level 1 - Your Investment


 You learn to:

  • Measure teams baseline behaviors.
  • Measure return on investment of training and coaching initiatives.
  • Facilitate conversations around the TIGERS 6 Principles™
  • Create a common language for teams to use in discussing team dynamics.
  • Introduce effective behaviors to teams.
  • Coach teams toward understanding and adoption of high-performing team behaviors.
  • Facilitate a powerful team development exercise that teaches the behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems. Use the tool to correct team behavior, improve team process, for immersion-onboarding, and for the development of behavior and process norms that shorten the time new teams spend in conflict and confusion.
  • Facilitate team consensus and action planning the correct way based on how people think and process information.
  • Build psychological safety for enhanced employee input, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Add Revenue Streams

When you add TIGERS Certification to your tool-belt you gain more products and services you can sell to your clients. As a Certified Becoming TIGERS Coach you qualify for wholesale pricing which enables you to markup TIGERS products. You can make money on more than just your consulting and coaching services. This increases your revenue. Services and products you can deliver include:


  1. TIGERS Among Us Book Club & Learning Circle Resources
  2. TIGERS 6 Principles Team Fundamentals
  3. TIGERS Leadership Fundamentals (recognized for SHRM continuing credit)
  4. TIGERS Workforce Development Profile™
  5. TIGERS Among US-Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive and Becoming TIGERS – Leading Your Team to Success books
  6.  TIGERS Among US books
  7.  TIGERS Team Wheel Exercise that emotionally connects teams to the high-performance team and work culture behavior
  8. Team Consensus Facilitation
  9. Team Action Planning Facilitation

Level 1 Benefits:

  • Boost client retention
  • Lengthen contracts
  • Add revenue streams 
  • Support
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Referrals

Lengthen Contracts, Boost Retention

In addition to our solutions, certified consultants can boost their client retention and lengthen their client contracts through the use of TIGERS products.

TIGERS Workforce Development Profile is an assessment solution that comes with 3 surveys for the same group. The first is used to identify the baseline metric of where your client is in terms of implementing TIGERS 6 Principles in their organization, department or work group. The second repetition of the survey gives you a status update to see where the company has improved and what Principles they still need to work on. The third repetition of the survey gives the long term view of the client’s improvement. Implementing the assessment in 3 phases gives you comparisons and a method to show return on investment for your work. This encourages long term client contracts and showing a positive ROI boosts retention.

TIGERS Team Member Micro-training allows you to schedule training as long as you wish based on your client’s goals. Team members partake in weekly 15-20 minute training sessions. Then coach client team members to apply and instill the skills and behaviors learned. This model encourages long-term coaching and employee development contracts. Delete contacts with clients.

Level 1 training includes:

Level 1: TIGERS 6 Principles Fundamentals

  • Our Leadership Fundamentals course which is also sold separately as TIGERS 6 Principles of Leadership Fundamentals. This course provides an introduction the TIGERS 6 Principles and gives you a baseline for implementing them in leading your teams.
  •  The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ which measures the quality of 6 Principles required for high-performance team dynamics and work culture behavior. This is used to benchmark and measure progress of teams in adopting and applying the TIGERS 6 Principles at work. You will learn to use the assessment, interpret the results and apply them to your clients.
  • Sample Profile shows you the baseline and comparisons for a department within a larger organization.
  •  Access to resell TIGERS Team Member Micro-training to coach your clients in personal and professional development as they learn and practice skills that improve how they communicate, relate and collaborate with other team members through the improved skills and attitudes learned in the training platform.
  •  10 copies each of our books, TIGERS Among Us and Becoming TIGERS. You will also gain an understanding on how to use these with your team and coach them to be accountable for adopting high-performing team behaviors.
  • TIGERS Team Wheel™ Exercise. This tool won recognition from Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The exercise is a hands-on, problem-solving activity that teaches behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems. It brings team behavior to the surface. It enables you to identify team dynamics and correct group behavior. Using the TIGERS Team Wheel, you learn to debrief and develop consensus for group norm agreements and how to use these for effective onboarding. This tool is also appropriate to use with DISC and other behavioral style inventories. Included are facilitation resources, a powerpoint template, print-on-demand E-book participant manual and group norm agreement template.
  • Facilitating Decision-making consensus and Action Planning

Facilitate TIGERS Rapid Team Integration

Your facilitation coursework is perfect for consultants working with project teams, ad-hoc teams, and cross-functional teams. Move the teams you develop rapidly through the storming phase of team development. Resources you are trained to use are also effective for teams that have gotten stuck or are in conflict. Teams that have gone through disruption and lost effectiveness can also benefit. 

 In this training, you learn to improve group dynamics by building group behavior-driven solutions such as:

  1. Identify and correct the behavior that is leading to lost productivity in your client organizations.
  2. Build Consensus the correct way.
  3. Facilitate group behavior norm agreements. Using an interactive proven process, facilitate groups to identify norms of behavior resulting in high-performance team outcomes. This process results in group norm agreements that are reality-based and supported by the team with emotional commitment and accountability.
  4. Reduce team conflict. This process is particularly useful when team behavior is poor or when you are building new teams. And, this is the first step in creating cross-functional problem-solving teams to minimize misunderstandings and conflict from the start.
  5. On-board new employees onto existing teams.

You are going to rapidly identify and correct dysfunctional behaviors and set new high-performing team behaviors unique to your team. Using your training and tools from level 1 will enable you to rapidly integrate TIGERS behaviors with the new team norms.

Licensing Rights - Level 1

Along with assessment and coaching training, your certification includes the right to license and use TIGERS tools & resources in your organization. These tools include:

  1. TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ Assessment
  2. TIGERS Team Member Micro-training
  3. TIGERS Books: TIGERS Among Us and Becoming TIGERS
  4. Facilitating the TIGERS Team Wheel with your client teams
  5. Facilitating Consensus and Action Planning

Prerequisite for Level 1:

For Consultants: Prior experience as a Consultant

For Project Managers: Passing the Project Management Exam through an Accredited Organization

For Coaches: Certification from an Accredited Coaching Organization Recognized By The International Coaching Federation.


Level 1:Assigned Pre-work, instructor lead TIGERS Team Wheel, and Facilitation Coursework, and personal coaching calls. Content includes Video, transcription, self-assessments, coaching handouts, audio support, segment quizzes, and personal coaching calls.

Level 1 - Your Investment


TIGERS 6 Principles Consultant Licensing

How to Apply

Schedule A Pre-Licensing Interview

Request and complete the application form. If you are a consultant, you will be asked how long you have been a consultant. If you are a project manager, you will be asked where you were accredited. If you are a coach, you will be asked if you were accredited by  a coaching organization recognized by  The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

You will be billed the full amount of $3995.

We will verify your coaching, consulting or project management credentials.

You will receive an email with access to the TIGERS Learning Platform to complete your pre-work.

Times and dates of coaching sessions will be sent to you. There are two coaching calls during your pre-work. Then your facilitation materials will be shipped to you and your instructor lead instruction begins.