Facilitative Management Series

Improve cooperation among employees and departments for high-performance results. When facilitative managers bring people together to work toward solutions, their teams accomplish more with higher levels of buy-in, commitment, and accountability. Enhance how your teams make decisions, formulate Action Plans and build ad-hock and cross-functional teams for hybrid and intact team initiatives. Activate the TIGERS 6 Principles – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk, and success – in your workplace.

Proven Process

Facilitating high performance, collaborative teams does not happen by chance.

In the TIGERS 6 Principles™ Manager as Facilitator Skills Training, leaders learn to:

  • Facilitate correctly based on how different people think and process information so team members stay engaged and patient with the group process.
  • Reduce group conflict through consensus-generated group process and behavior norm agreements that drive productivity.
  • Neutralize closely held positions so that decisions are achieved with the highest level of agreement, commitment, and accountability from everyone.

Participants of TIGERS Manager as Facilitator Training learn and apply expert group facilitation methods for decision-making and action-planning that execute successfully.

The strategic facilitation methods and best practices you learn also include re-usable resources and templates.  These resources are compatible with communication assessments like DISC, diversity and inclusion training, and conflict resolution coursework.

Systemic Approach

There are 3 levels of training that prepare Managers as skilled developers and facilitators of effective teams. Supervisors of on-site and hybrid teams also benefit.  

All Training Provides:

  • A successful, research-based collaborative team development system that is sustainable and scales with your departments and organization.
  • A reliable, systematic approach to behavior that improves how teams work.
  • A micro-training learning structure for your work group and employee development goals.

When you have a group of eight or more employees to enroll in any one of our training levels, we customize this training for you by deploying your goals within the instructor-led training design.

Level 1 – TIGERS 6 Principles™ Collaborative Leader

Level 1 training is perfect for new manager training, people running project and cross-functional teams, departmental managers and, yes, even senior executives.

 You receive:

  • Deep emersion in the TIGERS 6 Principles™ that set high-performing teams apart from others. Learn from case studies and real-world examples. Work with behaviors that build high-performance teams and identify behaviors that cause predictable problems.
  • Practical instruction on how to avoid three common mistakes that cause collaboration and high-performance teams to fail.
  • A turnkey tool geared toward resolving conflict while improving how your teams work. Use this tool with employee emersion onboarding, for engaging your staff in bottom-up conversations that improve how teams work and for identifying the root causes of group misunderstandings.

In TIGERS 6 Principles Collaborative Leader You learn to:

  • Facilitate employee conversations around the TIGERS 6 Principles.
  • Activate strategic team behavior improvement.
  • Avoid three unfortunate mistakes that cause collaboration and high-performance teamwork to fail.
  • Facilitate a hands-on, problem-solving team activity that teaches teams the behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems. Identify and correct behavior that results in lost productivity and above normal turnover in your organization.  Learn to use this tool for multiple purposes. 

Reusable Resources

  • Ground rule guide
  • Group discussion e-book
  • TIGERS Team Wheel exercise for multiple uses
  • E-book Participant Guide

Prerequisite: None.
Training dates for instructor-led training are decided when 8 or more employees are enrolled.


What Graduates Have Said

“TIGERS framework syncs well with transparency across all roles in life, allowing one to proceed smoothly from family to career to community and back again without having to adjust one’s character and integrity in incongruous ways.”

Cris Mattoon


Level 2 – Manager as Facilitator Training

This rapid team integration training is perfect for facilitating the development of cross-functional teams, correcting teams that have become stuck or are in conflict, and for facilitating bottom-up employee-generated solutions.

The course includes learning to facilitate:

►Consensus Decision-Making
►Action Planning
►Licensed permission to use these tools throughout your organization

In this course you learn to:

  1. Facilitate Consensus Decision-Making, and Action Planning the correct way based on how different people think and process information for enhanced accountability and execution.
  2. Accelerate reality-based group behavior norm agreements using an interactive, proven process that results in high levels of emotional commitment for outcomes.
  3. Reduce team behavior problems that minimize procedural misunderstandings for the new team and cross-functional team development.
  4. Develop your strategies for the emersion on-boarding of new employees onto existing teams. Deploy tools you receive in Levels 1 and 2 to rapidly integrate behavior understanding of the TIGERS 6 Principles – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution, and success — for work culture understanding and employee training and development planning.
  5. Use the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ to identify culture and department improvement opportunities
  6. Deploy the TIGERS micro-training platform for employee development

Reusable resources

In this 5-part, online, instructor lead training with four private coaching calls, you receive many valuable and reusable resources including 

  • Group norm agreement templates.
  • Planning and Consensus decision-making templates

Prerequisite: Level 1 

Level 3 – Manager as Change Agent

This training prepares the Facilitative Manager to guide the development of change plans and to facilitate effective change execution.

This training is effective for short term changes such as:

  • Launching an employee engagement process;
  • For new procedures or tech changes; or,
  • Creating a new framework for team breakthrough.

It is also effective for larger-scale changes such as:

  • Employee-centric work culture transformation;
  • Remote worker and hybrid team integration;
  • Generating a greater level of executive accountability and commitment for the change process;
  • Instilling collective responsibility for organizational success and more…

You learn:

  • To identify when your team does not have the capacity to change and what to do about it.
  • To determine what pre-work your team may need before launching the change effort and how to work this into a realistic change plan.
  • To structure the change management support and reporting system
  • To design a change plan with both informal and formal leaders for maximum employee buy-in
  • How to engage employees to champion the change
  • The components of a catalytic process where employee commitment and engagement are realistic outcomes.
  • How to expand the memorandums of understanding for group process and behavior norm agreements to sponsorship agreements that result in cooperation during and after change execution.
  • One important team simulation you can consistently repeat that builds momentum sustains commitment and drives results much faster than many leaders realize.

You Receive:

  • A simulation for repeated use
  • Re-usable templates
  • Instructor-led in person, hands-on training

Prerequisite: Level 1 and 2.

What Graduates Have Said

“TIGERS Facilitation Training is not a one-off event. The skills, templates, and resources are something I use over and over. It has helped me facilitate Executive Team decision-making and planning that is successful because of unanimous support and buy-in.” 

Barbara Emmanuel

Sunswept Resorts