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TIGERS provides a series of powerful leadership resources and team solutions that take the guesswork out of collaborative work culture and leadership development.

 TIGERS 6 Principles Leadership Resources and Team Solutions At A Glance

TIGERS 6 Principles Group process Leadership and Team Resources

Becoming TIGERS

Book: Becoming TIGERS – Leading Your Team to Success (an Axiom Business Book Award Recipient), is an emotionally engaging business fable. Author, Dianne Crampton, takes us on a transformative journey through the jungle of myths, mistakes, and mastery of leadership. Dereck, a command and control micro-manager, has been given the weekend to save his job but instead has to spend it reading his daughter’s third grade book assignment with her, a parable about a tiger lord on the brink of losing his tribe due to a life threatening event. The simple lessons they learn just might transform YOUR life!

Becoming TIGERS

Leadership Fundamentals

The TIGERS 6 Principles Leadership Fundamentals improves cooperation among team members, collaboration between departments, and engagement with employees, all while improving revenue and productivity.Learn the behaviors, skills and attitudes that transform an adequate team into an exceptional one.  Use the skills learned to integrate remote employees onto projects with intact team members. Build high functioning hybrid and in person teams with strong cultural understandings and belonging.

You can do this with a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution.

As a TIGERS 6 Principles trained Leader,  you produce better financial results for your department with lower turnover and increased team commitment and engagement. Become recognized as one of the top leaders in your organization.

When you lead using the TIGERS 6 Principles, you increase emotional engagement on your team resulting in more accountable and successful outcomes. 

TIGERS 6 Principles Leadership Fundamentals

TIGERS 6 Principles Collaborative Leader

A Turnkey tool is provided for establishing psychological safety for your facilitated employee outcomes. 

This course is appropriate for Middle-managers, Supervisors of both hybrid and
in person teams, Executives, Business Owners and Directors.
The goals of this course give you the practical application of collaborative leadership practices that engage and inspire Millennial and Gen Z employees; retain talent; improve your bottom line; and, build trustworthy, interdependent, genuine, empathetic, risk resolving, and successful work culture with high performing teams.  TIGERS 6 Principles Collaborative Leader improves cooperation among team members, a collaboration between departments, and engagement with employees, all while improving revenue and productivity.

Be on track with significant trends.

Significant trends show that many organizations are shifting their management operations to employee-centric enablement with more collaborative and holistic work environments. Being a manager in a department using skills to direct employees, however, is culturally different than building cooperation, trust and
teamwork among employees working together to achieve a goal.

Learn how to:

  • Improve the employee experience and culture to stem the turnover of mid-career and Gen Z employees.
  • Avoid obstructing individual and organizational performance.
  • Enhance trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success in the workplace to improve your bottom line while retaining talented Millennial and Gen Z employees.
  • Improve the way your teams work together, make decisions and solve problems.
  • Avoid 3 costly mistakes that cause collaboration failure.
  • Deploy a tool that improves psychological safety for team conversations, problem-solving and decision-making. Generate employee endorsed solutions for work improvement while building connections and measurable improvements in your department or division bottom line.

When you lead using the TIGERS 6 Principles, you increase commitment and accountability for work outcomes and more engagement for goal success.

Collaborative Leader

Optional: One-on-One Leadership Coaching

You can learn on your own at your own pace or sign up for optional bi-weekly or monthly executive coaching that serves to mentor and streamline your performance. Your personal coach will help you learn to forge leadership and team behaviors that are most important to your success as a leader.

There are times when leaders want an impartial third party to bounce ideas off of or debrief something that has happened at work. TIGERS Licensed Coaches have received certification from the International Coaching Federation and through our elite licensing process. We will tailor what works best for you.

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“Dianne really delivers … Not only in her knowledge of building teams but in her thought-provoking, engaging style. I highly recommend her tools & facilitation services.” 

Cherene Reihani Scherbinske

Director of Business Transformation, American Licorice Company (Red Vines)

Team Solutions

TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ measures the quality of 6 Principles required for high-performance team dynamics and work culture behavior. By their inclusion or omission, the TIGERS 6 Principles predict and prescribe your best and most profitable course of action in correcting work culture and department behavior. This is important to your bottom line because poor behavior damages roles, goals, relationships, productivity and profitability.

Workforce Behavioral Profile


Book: TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive TIGERS Among Us explodes the myth that command and control organizations outperform collaborative work cultures. It reveals a path for building a collaborative and connected culture customized to your unique operations. It delivers breakthrough practices for installing collaborative principles in the workplace. It explores behaviors that enhance the TIGERS 6 Principles – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success – in the workplace. It demonstrates what a collaborative, team centered work culture looks like, how it functions and why it works from the framework of four diverse organizations. They did it and so can you.


TIGERS Team Fundamentals

Train employees with the behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems. Immersion onboard new employees with behavior and culture understandings for improved long-term retention.

TIGERS micro-training platform makes learning easy. TIGERS Team Fundamentals micro-training improves behavior that supports the TIGERS 6 Principles™ — trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success. Micro-training segments that take less than 15 minutes to complete are the best way to develop employee collaboration while improving behavior they immediately apply on the job. This training is also appropriate for new employee culture immersion and behavior onboarding. No more scheduling problems, overtime pay, or having to say no to employees who want to learn and improve their skills.

TIGERS Team Fundamentals