Losing a co-worker to a sudden death is devistating to a family, community and most certainly the workplace. Here are a couple of resources that will help managers and HR Team Members.


Judith Hurlburt, senior consultant and NLP coach, reports that how a death is handled by managers and HR is important to overall organizational health.  

In Judith’s HR and Management Training, The Power of Purpose as Life Happens , she offers a detailed approach to emotionally managing a very challenging and heart wrenching incident.

Employers sometimes face a particularly uncomfortable challenge—addressing the death of an employee and providing guidance and support to family members, beneficiaries, and coworkers.

Print resources from a life insurance company

According to Heather Luiz, Disability, Life and Leave Product Manager with Liberty Mutual. “An employee’s death can have a dramatic impact on a company. Managing that impact can be challenging, especially since employers rarely deal with such an event.”

Liberty Mutual created a series of guides that guide employers through the steps to take to help employees and beneficiaries during these traumatic times.”

The guides, which can be downloaded at www.libertymutualgroup.com/grouplife, detail:

  • Immediate steps an employer should take following the death of an employee
  • Ways to counsel employees and help the organization remain productive during the grieving process
  • Special steps to take when an employee dies at work

According to Liberty Mutual, the role of the employer as a source of life insurance coverage has never been greater and is rising. These employer tools, released during Life Insurance Awareness Month, are part of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Benefits’ approach to group life—personalized case management. Offered to all group life customers, personalized case management goes beyond claim processing by providing comprehensive support to employers and beneficiaries.

How leaders deal with deeply emotional employee events is critical to cultural health and employee engagement.

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