arrow up with handsReady to leave the business scandals behind and embrace the organizations and leaders who made a positive difference in 2013? So am I!

This series of blogs gives a big “thumbs up” to individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations who are role models in ethical and progressive business practices. These innovators are leading the way into a new year with strategies to not only thrive in business, but make a positive social and economic impact. Many for-profit organizations worked hand-in-hand with non-profits to make a difference at both regional and national levels.

Supporting our Veterans

TIGERS salutes organizations initiating policies to onboard military men and women transitioning out of the service. From offering resources that provide teambuilding activities    and advancement opportunities to interactive employment workshops, these organizations are making a difference in the lives of military personnel and their families.

A TIGERS Roar for Today’s Youth

TIGERS is also proud to recognize today’s youth as they step up to the plate to volunteer their time and services for causes they are passionate about. From donating birthday presents to needy children to volunteering at homeless shelters, these kids are worth raving about. Our youth is also developing sustainable businesses that are not only profitable, but socially responsible as well. They are creating jobs such as innovating non-traditional agriculture practices to grow and harvest produce in a school-based greenhouse.

The Best of the Best

There are over a dozen blogs and articles in this series that highlight exceptional individuals and companies – here at home and around the globe. With a “big pat on the back” to those innovators who pushed forward to make a noticeable difference, we congratulate those who offer sustainable solutions in business, corporate citizenship, and social responsibility. Want to find out if your company can win an award for ethics? Find out under “Making a Difference in the Workplace!”

So here they are – the 2013 blogs that give credit where credit is due to outstanding organizations, groups, and individuals. What a great way to ring in the New Year on a positive note!

Making a Difference in the Workplace

Team Building Activities to Create Sustainable Intergenerational Communities

Visionary Women Leaders Recognized for Innovation

Equal Opportunity Screams Ahead As The Rubber Meets the Road

Can Your Company Win An Award For Ethics?

Ben & Jerry’s: Cultivating A Human Culture in Business

Top Companies for Executive Women Expands Female Leadership to 25%

Are Team Building Exercises the Solution to Career Advancement for Lower Wage Workers

Effective Teambuilding Yields Surprising Results in Today’s 21st Century Work Culture


Welcoming Heroes!

Free ‘Veteran’s Institute’ Workshop to Encourage and Support Hiring of Military Veterans

How Do Teams Juggle Assignments For National Guard and Reserve Team Members?

Kent Evan’s Pie in the Sky for the 4th of July Team Win

Transitioning from a Military Career to the Private Sector Requires Corporate Team Building and Training


Our Youth Grabs Hold of the Reins

What Are Today’s Youth Up To?

US Health Care Changes Meet News Collector Jenn X

Young Entrepreneurs Utilize Leadership and Team Building Skills to Grow Socially Responsible, Profitable Businesses


If you missed part 1, 2 or 3 in this blog recap series, don’t worry! Here are the links to my previous posts to bring you up to speed.  Polls, Research, and Surveys,  ‎ Bringing Employees On Board to Champion Change – 2013 Trend #2, ‎ and Employee Engagement.  ‎  It doesn’t matter which series you choose to read first, all three are packed with information and resources to guide you into 2014. Be sure to bookmark your favorites!

Not that I have saved the best for last, but there is just one end-of-the-year recap left wrapping up my entire 2013 blog series. We take a long hard look at best and worst of workplace cultures. So keep an eye open for:

  • End of Year Blog Recap 5 – December 30

Workplace culture (Is your organization roaring or stumbling out of the recession?)

Until then, take some time to absorb the material I have presented to date. There is a wealth of information to put organizations on the path to thriving in 2014.

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