The hiring process is an important, but sometimes complicated, aspect of business. Attracting top talent is the goal of any organization.  Top talent is attracted to organizations, however,  with effective team cultures.

So the question is, if you build it will they come? Will using teambuilding tactics to hire the best candidates work for you? It is my view that leaders who focus on building superior team cultures, find that top talent seek them out.

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The hiring process is one of the most important operational aspects for an organization, so hiring managers should focus on hiring the best candidates to reduce employee turnover rates and build better teams and a superior work culture.

Hire with the company’s core values in mind.  According to How to Get the Best People to Join Your Team, evaluating potential hires by their skills-based strengths and weaknesses is only effective for the short-term. Hiring managers should first identify the company’s core values and then hire individuals based on those values. This strategy is effective for the long-term because by hiring team members who possess the core values, the whole organization will benefit from a better team culture.

Hire with cooperative principles in mind. According to the white paper, Why Happiness Matters in the Workforce and Beyond, if you want employees to cooperate, ask performance based questions in your interview to assess  how the candidate built trusted past co-worker relationships.  How the candidate cooperated with others when personal job duties were completed. Determine if the employee values being genuine, empathetic, risk resolving and successful and what success looks like and feels like to the employee.

Hire up. Another strategy that employers can implement is hiring candidates who possess unique skills or abilities. This is another long-term strategy because everyone can learn from one another, which allows team members to grow in their own positions.

Help your employees care. Employees who care about their position and the organization result in higher profits and greater customer service, states 9 Ways to Attract and Retain Great Employees. So with so much riding on employees, it is important to hire the best candidates. One way to attract great employees is by offering fair pay, based on current salaries within the organization, as well as in competing landscapes. Employees care more when they feel that they are being treated fairly.

Hire engaged employees. Engaged employees are essential for an organization’s success, as they not only save organizations money, but they are the thought leaders and ground-breakers in every industry. But if engaged employees are rare, how can leaders spot the candidates who will engage in the work? By taking a page from Google, states How to Hire Better People. Hiring managers should focus on candidates who exhibit a “learning ability,” meaning they are able to review the available pieces of information, assess the situation and understand potential consequences of any decision. Identify the candidate’s ability to learn by evaluated areas such as humility and curiosity.

Assess the current culture. Attracting the best talent comes down to the company’s culture because the best employees want to work for the best companies. Leaders can assess their current team cultures by utilizing the TIGERS Success Series Online 360 Team Survey, which assesses the quality of the team relationship. The simple, web-based online survey system provided by TIGERS gauges team behaviors and alerts leaders to potential problem areas before they become a problem. With three surveys in one, individualized assessments and seasoned team leadership coaching, leaders will learn how the six principles of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success affect and influence the corporate culture.

With the right teambuilding tactics, leaders can learn how to hire the best candidates for their organization, saving time, money and turnover. By keeping the company’s core values in mind, hiring up, focusing on behaviors that build cooperation between employees, helping their employees care, hiring engaged employees and assessing the current culture, leaders can build a company culture that not only attracts top talent, but retains it.

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