call to action graphicHappiness is a vague expression that is an umbrella term for many different types of positive emotional responses within an organization.

But the science of happiness is not vague. Empirical research finds that employees who report that they are happy at work are able to be more creative, adapt better to change initiatives, solve problems faster, receive faster promotions and improved feedback, and earn more money over the course of their careers.

This all equates to better productivity in companies. This includes an enhanced bottom line and a much stronger surrounding community.

In this documented and annotated white paper you will discover:

  1. How workplace negativity impacts economic competitiveness.
  2. A systems approach for addressing unhappiness through effective workforce assessment and development.
  3. Why fostering workplace friendships pays off financially.
  4. How empathy and five other principles have an important impact on resolving conflict in the workplace and are the countermeasures for workforce bullying and incivility.

This white paper underscores the importance of generating and retaining top performers as an important goal for leaders.  With talent retention and the benefits personal satisfaction brings to the workplace also comes satisfaction for everyone.  Discover the pathway to success through a work climate that supports happiness.

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