virtual trainingAs 2019 draws to a close, many people take the time to reflect back on their year. How did they succeed? Where did they find themselves lacking? In what area of their lives can they improve? Did virtual training, a more positive work culture and leadership help turn the corner for you? Similarly, now is the time for business leaders to take a step back and consider their past business year, including growth, leadership skills, employee retention, and the overall workplace culture.

Many business leaders create a goal for each year. For 2019, TIGERS formulated a leadership virtual training along with micro training resources that helps new leaders increase employee training recall and retention abilities. Take a moment to think back to what goals you have achieved this year. Did they go as planned and were you able to find the resources you needed to achieve those goals?

TIGERS® has dedicated the past year to offering useful tips, helpful advice, and various strategies that we believe are crucial to building stronger teams and improving workforce communities. Although there are many ways to go about providing this information, TIGERS focuses on doing this through the six principles that emerged from four years of group dynamic research and independent validation. These principles are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution, and success.

The first leadership, virtual training and work culture annual recap

Keeping these group behavior norms in mind, TIGERS maintains the blog in a fashion that keeps you up to date with the best trends in leadership, technology, and workplace development. However, all these topics can sometimes blend together. Therefore, in order to further aid your and your company’s journey to become better, TIGERS provides an annual digest of all the main topics discussed over the past year, broken into four summary articles during the month of December.

To end the year 2019, we have created a three part recap series to help you recall the past year of blogs. Within this upcoming series, we will focus on the following topics:

  1. What Are the Benefits of Virtual Training and Micro Training?
  2. How Can You Encourage a Positive Work Culture?
  3. What Qualities and Characteristics Distinguish a Good Leader?

These three topics have been trending throughout 2019. Why? Because many leaders are realizing that their company’s success centers around these three categories. So while you recall the past year within your business, we invite you to peruse the following articles that contain valuable and relevant information that will help you succeed in the upcoming year

Virtual Training, Positive Work Culture, and Leadership Blogs for 2019

This is only the first installment of our three part, year-end series so stay tuned for our upcoming articles! By the end of December, you will be all caught up and ready to take on the new year. Part one will focus specifically on virtual and micro training, part two will address the need for positive work culture, and part three will determine the top characteristics of good leaders.

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