TIGERS® Micro-Training Solutions

The best way to shift attitudes and build skills that improve workforce behavior is in consistent small chunks of information that take under 15 minutes to learn. This is what TIGERS micro-training is about.

The Power of Micro-Training

If one of your goals is to improve trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution or success on the job, TIGERS micro-training will also reduce conflict and improve performance. This is especially true as your employees learn how to improve the way they communicate and support one another one small chunk of training at a time.

TIGERS micro-training makes learning easy. No more herding employees like grumpy cats into a training room only to have them resent it because their work load continues to pile up when they are in training all day.  No more scheduling problems, overtime pay, or having to say no to employees who want to learn and improve their skills.

TIGERS micro-training is practical, something that can be immediately used on the job. It also offers game incentives for completing self-assessments and assignments.  Your managers can also pop in to see if employees are participating in training and completing their assignments.

How is TIGERS Micro-training delivered?

TIGERS behavior skills micro-training reinforces the TIGERS 6 Principles™ — trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success.   Training can now be accessed from your employee’s mobile devices in a fun and engaging way.  We believe micro-training segments that take less than 15 minutes to complete are the best way to transform your employees into effective learners who are better equipped to apply what they learn on the job.

Links to the training room are delivered by email to all your employees. Then they can access their training by hand held or computer station devices at a time that is best for them. We deliver 48 lessons in 12 monthly segments of four trainings each. The trainings are based on one of the TIGERS 6 Principles you select to improve your work culture or department behavior for the year.   


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How to use TIGERS Micro-Training for your optimum benefit

TIGERS® offers a micro training platform to help you get all your employees on the same page and headed in the same direction with the same information and understandings. Everyone receives the same engaging material presented in a variety of different ways for the adult learner. This is much different from training that is offered to some and not to others or from different sources with different ways of describing things. Learning like that is disjointed with questionable retention because employees can’t reinforce it with one another.

Instead, TIGERS breaks instruction down into smaller, easy-to-digest chunks of training by transferring knowledge using smaller, more-targeted, personalized lessons.  Learning becomes less of a battle and a more effective e-learning experience that can always be enhanced with face-to-face meetings with managers or in weekly update meetings.

The training is designed to stand on its own. For your maximum benefit, however, when used in tandem with the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™, your targeted training is measurable and offers you a system to effectively track change in behavior with profitability markers over time.

The outcomes you experience when behavior shifts occur are far less conflict and disengagement which translates to improved productivity. Goals are achieved easier because of enhanced communication skills, behavior improvements and clarity. Your leadership positions are easier to manage because much more conflict is resolved between employees. Up to now, these squabbles take your managers away from tasks that propel your organization forward.

TIGERS also offers micro-training for managers on the TIGERS 6 Principles. This program provides annual repeated access to the training room and resources so you’re Managers have the training they need at a time that is best for them.