Build effective teamsWe have made it to the final post in our annual blog recap series. This post dives into progressive leadership practices and work place culture. In a recent study that reported on the top four Human Resource concerns facing executives in 2015, attractive workplace culture, employee engagement, employee retention and successful succession leadership transitions are the top-of-the-mind concerns. This post adds considerable insight into these concerns.

The TIGERS Annual four-part recap series has broken all of this year’s blogs into four categories: Polls, Research, and Surveys, Management, Leadership, and HR Issues, Employee Engagement , and Progressive Leaders and Workplace Culture. This final article focuses on Progressive Leaders and Workplace Culture, which varies in topics from employee benefit programs to future work environments to essential skills leaders need for success.

We have made it easy to search through all of our 2014 articles to find the topics that most pertain to your organization, so enjoy the following articles, and make sure to visit parts one, two and three to catch up on all of our 2014 articles.

Progressive Leaders and Companies

Can Team Building Activities Boost Employee Financial Security and Satisfaction?

Serial Entrepreneur’s Insightful Leadership and Team Building Ideas Help Job Creation Go “Viral” in Communities Nationwide

Employee Benefits Program “Dream Manager” is Revolutionary Among Team Building Ideas

Workplace Culture

Future Work Environments Encourage Team Building and Cooperation

Engaging Fiscally Conservative Millennials Requires Strategic Corporate Team Building

Leveraging Organizational Culture for Success

How to Align and Adapt Culture During Change

3 Skills Leaders Need Now To Propel Business Growth And Productivity

Create a Culture of High Performance with Democracy, Team Building Events and Team Building Activities

The Important Role Your Company’s Culture Plays in Effective Team Building

Create a Culture of Innovation with Team Building Ideas

The Important Role Your Company’s Culture Plays in Effective Team Building

This is the fourth and final installment of our four-part 2014 recap series. If you missed any of the first three, get caught up with all of our 2014 blog articles:

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