arrow in the center of a targetHappy employees are productive employees. If you find that your employees are not happy to come into work every day, consider revamping the job perks that you offer, and make sure to include team building events to your new list. The list of possible employee perks is long, so when deciding which perks to include for your team, consider the pros and cons of each to determine which perks will work best for your organization.

The list of potential perks is long and varies from free coffee to ball pits in the office. To decide which perks to offer your employees, consider the following articles: The Business Benefits of Providing Snacks as an Employee Perk.  4 Company Perks That Cost Nothing—But Mean Everything , 10 Employee Perks That Make a Real Difference , 8 Outrageous Job Perks You Wish You Had , and 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams .

Unexpected job perks can change the whole environment of your organization, so consider adding some of these
perks to the office to increase employee happiness and productivity.

Free food. The way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs, so free food is an excellent addition for any office. According to The Business Benefits of Providing Snacks as an Employee Perk, it is important to offer healthy snacks to your employees, as unhealthy snacks can actually lead to higher health costs for your employees. Offer your employees healthy and immune-boosting snacks such as bananas, nuts, yogurt and tea to increase employee productivity and health.

Unlimited vacation. Employee work/life balance is an important aspect of employee happiness that employers should be thinking about. According to 4 Company Perks That Cost Nothing—But Mean Everything, employees that are able to take off the time that they need, when they need it, are more productive and more mentally present when they are at work. While employers may be concerned that some employees will take advantage of the system, it is important to note that you will have rules in place to prevent excess use. For example, employees may need to request the time off well in advance, make sure they are not conflicting with someone’s requested time off, and are able to be contacted if they are the only ones who can answer a question. Employees will still be held responsible for completing their tasks, and you can hold them accountable for their progress.

Flexible working hours.
Another perk that many employees enjoy is the ability to choose when they work. According to 10 Employee Perks That Make a Real Difference , by offering flexible hours for your team members, your employees are able to work when they are most productive. And by allowing them to work when they are able to while still meeting their goals and completing their tasks, employees are able to take care of personal tasks as they arise, which allows them to be more productive while they are in the office.

Free fitness.
Some employers are promoting health for their employees by offering yoga classes, gym memberships and on-site fitness facilities. These perks promote better health among employees, which in turn allows for lower health costs for employers, as well as more productive employees. The article, 8 Outrageous Job Perks You Wish You Had ,  describes many employee perks that companies are offering their employees to increase employee happiness and productivity.

Team building events. Team building events offer employees a fun environment to learn and grow as individuals and as teams. These events break up the monotony of the day-to-day grind for your employees, as well as give employers the opportunity to teach strategies and build better teams. The 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams two-day workshop gives employers the strategies  they need to build better teams, promote employee happiness, and increase productivity in the office. This is also a system your millennial employees will appreciate; meaning that high turnover at the millennial level may be left behind.

Job perks can vary from organization to organization, and there is a long list of perks that may work for you. If you would like to promote happiness in the office and increase employee productivity, consider adding some of these perks to your list, including the all-important team building events that provide an effective place to teach strategies while giving employees a fun break from their daily tasks.

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