Tick placed in awesome checkbox on customer service satisfaction survey formHow often does implementing corporate strategy fizzle right out of the gate? Take a guess.

We were shocked considering that failing to implement corporate strategy means that an organization’s ability to achieve important goals also fails. And, this failure directly lines up with executing important workforce development plans and employee training that link directly to strategy. So it makes good sense to launch corporate strategy through an effective team building event.

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released a research study based on a global survey of over 200 executives, senior leaders and managers. The research exposed the critical enablers of effective strategy execution. This included the launch of strategy through an enticing team building event. The study also explored the organizational challenges and disconnects that companies must overcome to achieve success. These include engaging employees in all levels of operation to deploy strategy.

So how is it that many organizations suffer from corporate strategy “inaction”, rather than corporate strategy driving action? These challenges line up with our experience in catalyzing employees to execute strategy. The development of action plans and strategic team initiatives that are championed by employees is required to deploy corporate strategy.

Navigating from strategy to execution, companies face an apparent disconnect between the expectations of various levels in an organization, starting at the top. The research reveals that CEOs are likely to significantly overestimate their company’s ability to execute strategy, and may be missing opportunities to take the necessary actions to drive effective execution and skill development.

Top performing companies – yielding significantly higher revenue growth, profitability and market share – take the necessary actions to ensure that employees are aligned to the company strategy, have the right mindset, and are equipped with the skills and capabilities necessary to execute. This includes effective group norms with behavior identified to make implementation possible without considerable conflict.

To ensure superior strategy execution, companies must look beyond initiatives that build alignment – and proactively facilitate skill development and deep commitment by immersing leaders in the strategy.  This is where effective team building events line up with strategy launch. Traditional strategy communication and “push” methods alone – town hall meetings and leadership presentations – are no longer enough to maximize results.

In the 2-day workshop, 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams, participants will experience the team catalytic resources that lead to high performance team action plans designed for strategy execution and other important team building events. Participants will be guided through the steps and processes required to engage employees to champion deployment and to build highly effective workforce development team actions plans.

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