Workforce DevelopmentNow that the first month of the New Year is wrapping up, it is a good idea to think about how you can ready yourself and your workforce for the next eleven months of the year. What changes do you plan on bringing about that will positively impact workforce development and who do you think of when you focus on success?

Workforce Development Includes More Than Business Growth

Can you really call it success if only one person benefits from it? Maybe in some cases, like winning a race, this is true, but the majority of the time many people, communities, and time are involved in order for a business to move forward or increase revenue.

  • Who educated customers about your product?
  • Did customers share your product with their friends if they were happy with it?
  • Which employees worked overtime to make sure everything was ready?

As you can see, your business success is dependent on the effort of those around you, whether it be your customers or your employees. So this year, as you set your business growth goals, keep in mind those around you. What are you giving back to the people that work so hard? Will others share in your success? Actively work on engaging other local businesses and your employees.

Workforce Development Should Involve Your Employees

More specifically, you should take steps this year to find a program that will help your employees excel and gain skills. It is important for them as well as your business! Encourage your workforce to learn and expand, and you will find your business taking more positive, impactful steps.

According to Penn Foster, over 75% of learners need a moderate amount of support to be successful in any training program! That’s almost all of your employees. Do you have a training program in place for this year that not only provides employee education, but also supports them in their goals?

If one of your 2020 goals is to improve trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution, or success within your workforce, this micro-training will help your employee—one small training session at a time. Treat employee education like a job, because it is just as important!

Workforce Development Takes Work

Just as it takes Derek, in TIGERS upcoming book, time to realize he needs to positively help his workforce, it will also take your business time to develop. Growth does not always necessarily come in large leaps, but rather in small baby steps. First, if you do not already have it, you need to gain your employees’, your customers’, and your community’s trust. Then you can work on embracing success together.

Without it, your business will fail to flourish. But with it, your business can develop!

Success is more than money and profits. It is bigger than becoming number one. It happens when people build each other up, rather than working on bringing each other down. Most of all, it is always constructive. If your 2020 vision does not involve constructive, positive development built on a foundation of trust, you will not see the results you desire most.

Think of community, when you contemplate what success looks like for this New Year. What are you doing to promote community in the workplace? That’s true workforce development.

Cheers to the New Year and small, steady goals.

Additional resources to explore workforce development deeper

Still want to learn more about what success should look like within workforce development? We found some articles and research that outline essential traits and characteristics of successful teams. What are you doing differently?

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