What does work culture have to do with attracting the best and brightest employees? The short answer is a lot. Collaborative work team culture is changing the way companies recruit and attract top talent by highlighting their corporate culture and workplace perks in addition to the traditional job description.

And now The Good Jobs career posting company has taken the helm in helping job candidates find company fit before sending out their resumes.

“You hear it every day: top talent is in high demand, and culture is a key differentiator”

But don’t mistake The Good Jobs for another job board. It is a marketing platform that lets employers present the programs, activities and amenities that bring their workplace to life. Job seekers can evaluate whether a position is a good fit culturally as well as professionally, and businesses can use The Good Jobs’ suite of tools in their broader recruitment and marketing efforts. The Good Jobs turns a company’s culture into a competitive recruiting advantage.

Through proprietary badges, The Good Jobs has “gamified” company culture by asking companies to answer detailed questions about what they offer to their employees. By standardizing culture language, it levels the playing field for small and large businesses.

“You hear it every day: top talent is in high demand, and culture is a key differentiator,” said Anne Nimke, co-founder of The Good Jobs. “Companies work hard to create exceptional workplace environments, and having a great culture is a magnet to attract A-level players. The Good Jobs is the first company culture directory.”

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The Good Jobs is one of the first five startups in Milwaukee’s Generator accelerator and is certified by the State of Wisconsin as a QNBV (Qualified New Business Venture) for investor tax credits. It was named a “Top HR Company to Watch” by #hrwins, won the HRO iTalent competition, and won first place at the Startup Wisconsin Fastpitch Competition.

Two Ladies at the Helm of The Good Jobs Start Up

Co-founder Anne Nimke has 35 years of recruiting and staffing experience and co-founded Pinstripe and HRfirst (now Kelly OCG), two leading recruitment process outsourcing companies. Co-founder Betsy Rowbottom has 15 years experience in recruiting and business development. Combined, they’ve helped thousands of companies hire employees and thousands of job seekers find employment.

How It Works

Employers go to http://thegoodjobs.com and complete a brief questionnaire that identifies their passions and talent. The survey interprets responses and assigns a unique combination of The Good Jobs badges that highlight an organization’s cultural environment. Companies apply for and earn badges in the following categories:

Fun: those organizations offering a unique work environment and activities, amenities, creative wellness programs, and social outings. Hallmarks of a fun company: dogs at work, birthday parties, team-building exercises.

Extreme Perks: benefits that go beyond the typical health/vacation/holiday package. Hallmarks: on-site yoga, paid sabbaticals, hybrid car subsidies.

Corporate Responsibility: those companies that have strong core values and/or choose to give back, supporting volunteering and charitable causes. Hallmarks: ethics or values statement, paid time off to volunteer, contributions to a cause.

Flextime: companies that offer flexible work schedules. Traits of a flextime company: summer hours, flextime for working parents, job sharing.

Green DNA: companies that have a commitment to conservation, ecology, and sustainable practices that contribute to an environmentally responsible world. Hallmarks: public transportation allowances, solar panels, rooftop garden, healthy snacks, bike culture.

Inclusion: companies that mobilize diversity through programs or activities that encompass all minorities, genders, and ages; workers with disabilities, military and veterans, LGBT, and alternative lifestyles as well as mental health awareness. Hallmarks: diversity training, affinity groups.

Career Development: organizations with structured career paths that invest in training and development opportunities. Characteristics: tuition reimbursement, Six Sigma, industry conferences, employee reviews.

The Good Jobs is a marketing platform that helps companies leverage their corporate culture and their employment brand to attract top talent. Will The Good Jobs expect corporate honesty? That remains to be seen since disclaimers do protect 3rd party promotions. However, The Good Jobs understands that culture is a major differentiator and provides businesses with the tools to communicate it. At TIGERS Success Series we agree.

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