Tiger01Trust in leaders and in their companies was a serious concern for the 2835 HR Executives who participated in the 2012 TIGERS Success Series Study entitled is “Team Building A Waste of Time?”  The answer to this question was an emphatic “No”.  However, the serious concerns facing HR Executives was lagging workforce trust in their leaders, team communication and over all organizational cooperation. Another serious concern was the lack of will the leaders in larger organizations have to correct these.

This year, the Interaction Associates and Human Capital Institute is launching another study to measure the 2013 levels for Trust, Leadership, and Collaboration. My bet is that nothing has changed.

The annual survey on workplace trust from Interaction Associates – Building Trust in Business – is now underway online through February 21. Building Trust measures issues at the intersection of trust, leadership, and collaboration – and their impact on business results.

“We look forward to sharing the 2013 results, with important insights into how companies can build stronger workplace trust”

Building Trust, conducted in partnership with Human Capital Institute (HCI), is now available at the HCI website. This is the 5th year for the Building Trust survey, which polls employees, business leaders, and managers.

Building Trust features 21-questions and sheds important light on the factors that build workplace trust; where trust breaks down; how leadership fosters trust; and how top performing companies drive critical business results by focusing on trust, leadership, and collaboration.

“This is an important time for trust – 2013 is a critical year as the economy continues to strengthen,” said Linda Stewart, CEO or Interaction Associates. “We look forward to sharing the 2013 results, with important insights into how companies can build stronger workplace trust,” Stewart added.

The Building Trust survey is open to anyone interested in spending a few minutes on questions exploring trust levels in their organization. Those who complete the confidential survey will receive a copy of the final research report, when it’s released later in the Spring. The report will include important data on how top performing companies build trust to achieve significant business results.

For more information about Building Trust in Business, including details on the survey’s 2012 results, please see http://www.interactionassociates.com/Trust2012.