Virtual Micro-TrainingWelcome to our second installment of our year end recap series, Virtual and Micro Training! The first installment reviewed the top three traits we focused on most this year. This first installment briefly covered the following categories: Virtual/Micro-training, Positive Work Culture, and Leadership. Be sure to go visit our first installment if you have not had the chance to read it!

But this week, we are going to shift our focus to a more in-depth point of view, our Virtual and Micro Training category. Specifically, we will address employees and businesses’ needs for virtual and micro-training. While this is a broad subject, including a variety of blog articles covering everything from the psychology of micro training to the success of virtual training, we have found that supplying this option within your company greatly enhances teamwork and productivity.

Many companies struggle with their employees’ abilities to retain knowledge and apply this newly learned skill within the workplace. However, these same companies have also found that virtual training and micro training greatly enhance engagement and application. This is especially true when virtual training and micro-training are incorporated into organizational goals and initiatives where students apply what they are learning in the workplace.

Why Virtual and Micro Training make a difference

Unlike other training programs, virtual training is very convenient. There are no location or time limitations and this allows employees to absorb the training at their own speed. Not only is virtual training conveniently flexible, but it also increases employee ability to retain the knowledge they are learning and the program also gives immediate feedback. This immediacy allows employees to quickly review where they are lacking, where they are proficient, and where they are exceling. Have you tried virtual training with your employees? What did you notice?

In addition, micro training is also very helpful. Rather than dumping knowledge all at once, in one sitting, onto an employee, micro-training focuses on a less time consuming, methodical approach that improves retention through bite sized pieces of knowledge. It is uses an accessible, active process that empowers employees through offering smaller, shorter training sessions that can be quickly completed. It is said that in order to memorize and retain knowledge, the thing must be repeated three times or more. Do your training sessions give adequate amounts of time for learning something properly? Have you ever tried out micro training with your employees?

Virtual and Micro Training Articles and Insights 

Want to learn more about these topics? Check out our array of articles that covered this category this year and keep an eye our for our next 2019 recap blog installment that will focus on Positive Work Culture.

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