blue-handshake-puzzleYou have a great consulting product, plenty of funds to get off the ground and an excited workforce full of innovative ideas. So your product should sell on its own, right? Maybe not.

Human resource executives are constantly bombarded with advertisements, emails, commercials and other mass marketing techniques that are aimed at their emotions and their wallets. With so many marketing strategies constantly in play, as a business, you may feel that your marketing strategies are missing the mark. And with strategies constantly changing, you might think you have a solid marketing strategy, only to find that you are missing out on potential contracts because attention has shifted.

Avoid 3 Mistakes New Consultants Make

Team building tips to set your business apart

With strategic team building tips, consultant leaders can employ effective marketing strategies to set their businesses apart from the masses.

Give consumers a reason to use their smartphones for more than social media. Smartphones. They seem to have morphed into an extension of the human body, as if they are another limb. With so many people spending so much time looking at their phones, companies should be taking advantage of this fact and creating strategies that utilize mobile phones. And there is a lot of data that supports this claim. When a person searches online for your service, they will perform future actions regarding your service 73 percent of the time, according to research from BIA/Kelsey. This means more research, more visits to brick-and-mortar locations and more purchases. With so many queries coming from mobile devices, you should implement a mobile marketing strategy for your business if you do not already have one in place.

Use social media. Consumers are spending a lot of time on social media sites, so consulting businesses should also have a social media presence. The number of available platforms is vast, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Periscope and beyond, so with so many options available for an online presence, consultants need to diversify and create profiles on as many sites as possible. This doesn’t mean that organizations should be on every available platform, but they should be taking the time to research the available options and create profiles for compatible options. Diversify your accounts to reach the largest audience as possible, while still remaining true to your target audience.

piechartPersonalize your product. As HR executives are constantly bombarded, they are looking for products and services that offer a customized touch. Client experiences should be tailored to best meet their individual consumers’ needs, which can start with understanding your target audience. When you understand specific details about who benefits from and who buys your service, then you can implement strategies that attract other customers from the same demographic. There are many tools available on the market to help leaders glean and sift through available data to determine and reach their target audiences in the best way possible.

Build your brand. Who you are as a company speaks a lot to executives, so you should understand the brand that you are trying to build before you enter the market. Leaders should take the time to establish and build their brands through various means, including customer experiences, customer reviews and community outreach, among others. Executives aren’t going to trust an organization that touts its own strengths, but they will trust un-biased third parties who trust the organization. Customer reviews are one great way to build trust, as 90 percent of customers use customer reviews during the buying process. So build your brand by first providing a quality product that is backed by stellar customer service, and the clients will follow.

Engage with your target audience.  Meet your clients face to face. Then provide content. Content marketing is a viable strategy, but with so much content available, consumers are starting to get glossy-eyed at the mere volume of content marketing. So to help cleints cut through the fluff, consultants should focus their marketing efforts on their target audiences through their preferred platforms, Rather than implementing several different types of marketing strategies, start with one, such as a blog, and tweak it until you find how that strategy works best with your market. Then implement another strategy, tweak it, and then another and tweak it. Focus your efforts on one strategy at a time to achieve the best results.

Build your team. Clients won’t have a reason to trust your brand if your employees and team members don’t. One way that leaders can do this is by utilizing an on demand program, such as the 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams Leadership Training program offered through the TIGERS Success Series. This program is available for resale through TIGERS Team Development Licensing and Certification. With the program, leaders will have access to training materials 24/7, so they can study when they have time, and they will learn how to implement the six principles of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success to best lead their teams. With passionate teams on board, businesses will better fare with customer service, product development and marketing strategies.

Marketing is such an important part of every business, as no matter how great of a product you have, you won’t be able to attract new customers without some sort of outreach or marketing strategy. Consumers are surrounded by marketing, some messages blatant, some subtle, and it’s easy for your business to get lost in the shuffle of everyone else. With strategic team building tips, leaders can learn to better market their businesses in the ever-changing business environment.

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