Mcrolearning has always been a buzzword among the coaching and adult learning community.  But few know what it is. And many who aren’t familiar with it are too embarrassed to ask.

But with digital learning on the rise, microtraining can no longer stay within the confines of teacher lingo.  Student performance using microlearning has improved by a whopping 72%.

As with many “novel” learning techniques, microlearning has some vagueness to it.  But rather than say “vague”, here at TIGERS® Success Series we’d like to use the term FLEXIBLE.

To get to the heart of it, let’s begin what microtraining is NOT and what it CANNOT do.

What Microlearning is not and what it cannot do.

  1. MICROLEARNING ISN’T A SUBSTITUTE FOR A FULL-ON COURSE. Microlearning is certainly a weapon of choice when it comes to learning complex concepts. But it can’t replace relevant coursework or proper classes.  What microlearning does is it makes information stick.  It’s great at increasing RETENTION and information REINFORCEMENT. 
  1. MICROLEARNING ISN’T SOLELY VIDEO/DIGITAL DEPENDENT – Many shy away from microlearning because they think it requires pricey gadgets and equipment. To a certain extent, technology makes it convenient and easier. But video, for instance, is merely one format used for course content. There are so many tools to take advantage of: flashcards, decision cards, checklists, quizzes, and other learning aids. At TIGERS Success Series we provide both digital and audio support resources in our video learning platform because people learn in different ways.   
  1. MICROLEARNING CANNOT BE USED TO LEARN ANY TOPIC – If someone offers an architecture course using microlearning, be wary. It can be done but it wouldn’t be wise.  Microlearning is learning while mobile.  It’s a technique that divides content into chucks so that learners can peruse through it, read it again and again, retain, and move on.  This just isn’t possible with tasks such as learning how to draft, learning new software, or learning how to operate machinery when hands-on applications are required. 

So what is Microlearning?

Microtraining is simply learning in small doses. Subject matter is divided into narrow chunks that can easily be absorbed in a short period of time. And Because learning takes place in short periods, it doesn’t require too much effort.

This is a great fit for organizations that need to synchronize a team’s learning schedule.  Think different time zones or even different cultures.  It works great for mobile learning too. (Which doesn’t mean that it has to be done via mobile devices). TIGERS microlearning courses are accessible at work stations and all smart hand held devices. The learning is also available 24/7/

How do we do microlearning at TIGERS®?  We use a variety of techniques that are optimal for adult learners.  Here are a few:

  • Flashcards (very old school but very effective as well!)
  • Training quizzes
  • Short instructional videos via our learning platform accessible at
  • Compressed information sent to email, text messages, or the like.

In return, the learner can respond by way of:

  • Quizzes
  • Coaching handouts
  • Essays
  • Words or sentences (if say, learning a new language)
  • Sketches
  • Individual consultations
  • Optional coaching that is available through TIGERS Licensed Consultants and Coaches

Our micro-training program is not limited to the above list as programs vary depending on training needs.  We love the stimulating combination of both primitive methods (flashcards) and modern/digital/multimedia techniques as this powerful combo has produced the best results.

Give microtraining pricing a try by clicking HERE.

Care to dig deeper into the topic of Microlearning?

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