rp_iStock_000006465873diverse-group-woman-forward1-300x191-1.jpg This is the third week of our four-part 2016 blog recap series. Over the past two weeks, we’ve reviewed all of our articles in the Polls, Research, and Surveys and Management, Leadership, and HR Issues categories. The first week concentrated on the latest information from 2016 that applies to team building strategies, employee productivity and successful workplace culture practices, while week two offered helpful articles on a variety of topics, including leader delegation tactics, employee benefits, helpful leadership skills and employee satisfaction. This week we move to our Employee Engagement category, which varies in topics from emotional commitment to job satisfaction to employee involvement in the workplace.

Employee engagement is an important indicator of an organization’s success, and the articles in this category offer employers tactics and suggestions for motivating employees to increase productivity and motivate employees to perform their best work. On top of these articles, the TIGERS® Success Series offers seminars and workshops that give employers the tools they need to form and manage successful teams.

So take the time to peruse the following articles at your leisure, and check out the rest of the articles in our four-part series.

Employee Engagement

This is the third installment of our four-part TIGERS® Success Series 2016 Team Building Blog Recap. You can catch up with parts one(url) and two(url), and stay-tuned for next week’s final article:

2016 Blog Recap Part 4 – Progressive Leaders and Workplace Culture (Strategies from leaders and organizations that are doing it right)y Dianne Crampton

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