girl in pinkEmployee stress in the workplace can be a productivity killer, and it reduces employee enjoyment as well. As a leader in the workplace, you should work toward creating a productive environment for your employees, and you should use teambuilding activities to reduce employee stress and create a unified workplace.

Stress in the workplace is not a new occurrence, and several well-written articles offer suggestions for employees to reduce their workplace stress. This article references the following articles: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work, 10 Work Stress Reduction Tips, 7 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout, and Your work-life balance hangs in these four quadrants.

Stress in the workplace may not be completely avoidable, but by utilizing team-building activities and offering these tips to your employees, you can greatly reduce the stress levels.

Focus on attainable goals.

Setting high expectations of ourselves and of others is a good thing, but sometimes goals are unrealistic and they actually decrease productivity and team morale. According to the article 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work, it is important to focus on realistic and attainable goals and to let go of goals that are unrealistic. And this is where team-building activities can help an organization. With the help of a team-building consultant, organizations are able to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses and build effective teams to achieve company goals.

Accept the stress reality.

Stress really is a fact of life, and sometimes it is unavoidable. In these cases, the article 10 Work Stress Reduction Tips suggests that you accept that there is stress in your life. Once you accept that it is there, you can create ways to work through or move past the stress. And the same goes for leaders. If you know that your employees are stressed, accept it and create ways to help them deal with it.

Unplug before bed.

Cell phones are wonderful tools, but according to 7 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout, all of our devices can keep us awake and thinking about work. The article suggests taking a step back before bed, and putting all of your devices into airplane mode. You are cutting yourself off from communications and allowing yourself to take a break. By allowing yourself to step away, you will likely feel refreshed and energized in the morning, ready to tackle your workday.

Focus on rewarding and fulfilling work and engaging team building activities

According to the article Your work-life balance hangs in these four quadrants, there are four quadrants that work can fall under: rewarding work, fun and purpose, drudgery and tasks. In order to remain committed to your work, you need to have more rewarding work and fun and purpose, and less drudgery and tasks. Leaders can lead their team members to these top two quadrants by utilizing team-building activities that reenergize employees, give a fun break in their day, and a purpose to meet company and personal goals.

Stress is an unfortunate work aspect for many people, but with passion and a clear purpose, employees can experience less stress and increase their productivity. With the help of team-building activities, leaders can help their employees to leave the stress behind and reach their goals.

The  stress management action guide, Melting Your Stress within 30 Days  offers a self-guided stress reduction program that includes important self-assessments to sort through what is manageable and what it not.  It also offers suggestions for leaders to use for important team building activities that provide exceptional employee wellness outcomes.

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