iStock_000005772974drop of water[1]Growth is the number one small to medium-sized business priority coming out 2007-2013 recession. This is the report contained in a new white paper from The Principal®, entitled How Priorities Align with Practices.

Business owners cite that health and wellness is their second priority, followed by income protection ranking third.

“Owners of small to medium-sized businesses often juggle a number of conflicting priorities, creating a discrepancy between priorities and practices,” said Steve Parrish, national advanced solutions director for The Principal. “While the research shows growing their business is the top goal of business owners in 2013, they can avoid adverse business results by balancing short and long-term goals.”

When owners rank their priorities, they place the highest priorities on their businesses, followed by employee benefits and then personal needs. The paper outlines key implications for consultants including:

  • Aligning owners’ personal needs with business financials.
  • Focusing on short-term versus long-term planning.
  • Recognizing the importance of key employees.

The white paper provides insight on how team trainers and consultants can help business owner clients better align their business, personal and employee priorities to achieve successful short and long-term goals.

Another resource for small to mid-sized business executives with retard to business growth is the 2013 Engagement, Retention and Growth: 10 Strategic Solutions For Corporate Expansion and Employee Retention training program. Designed for leaders to share the resources from this program with their employees, this training program is worth investigating. Because demand for this training was high in December 2012, the Engagement, Retention and Growth training will be delivered again in May.

The training is offered in 30 minute segments over a 10 day period on a variety of topics provided by senior business consultants who are experts in their topic arena. So for the business leader looking for reliable, cost effective resources for business growth this program offers key insights in ways that are easily downloaded to an iPod.

The topics delivered during the training include:

Engaging Employees to Champion Change

Build Civility & Respect Into Your Organization To Improve Its Bottom Line

Taking Tuckman’s Five Stage Team Development Model from 4 Months to 1 Day

Human Performance From The Inside Out

Putting the Sizzle in Your Business Relationships

Hire For Fit vs. Hire For Fill

The Business Case for an Internal Social Media Policy

Discover How To Sell Without “Selling” By Helping People Get What They Want!

The Power of Purpose as “Life Happens”

Your Best Meeting Ever: Leading Meetings that Engage, Encourage, & Empower Others

The training program is held live through web cast but follow up resources include recordings of all the calls, an e-book and perfect bound book for the company library. Bulk orders for additional books are available through Three Creeks Publishing.

Since growth is a top priority for businesses in 2013, this should be a banner year for new and seasoned team building trainers and consultants.

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