Reaching goalsMost leaders don’t want their employees to view them as horrible bosses, but sometimes the best of intentions can prove to be ineffective and alienating for some team members. There are many attributes of horrible bosses that you can avoid, and with the help of leadership team building strategies, you can become an effective leader for your organization.

For as many articles there are about strategies to become a great boss, there are as many articles written about the attributes horrible bosses possess. Avoid these strategies with the help of the following articles: The 5 Signs of a Bad Leader , The 5 Absolute Worst Kinds of Bosses, and The Leadership Habit That Will Drive Your Team Crazy .

Leadership team building strategies are an important aspect for successful leadership, so read on for attributes of poor leaders to avoid. If you are in this situation, consider attending a team leadership clinic such as the 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams  to become an effective team leader.

Poor leaders focus on themselves, rather than their employees. According to The 5 Signs of a Bad Leader, good leaders are in the business of service, and poor leaders missed that memo. Rather than focusing on the big picture and lifting up their team members, poor leaders are focused on getting ahead with little regard to the rest of the team.

Poor leaders pretend they have all the answers. One of the biggest mistakes leaders can make is pretending or assuming that they have all of the answers all of the time. Your team members are one of your biggest assets, and it can prove detrimental to your organization’s success to disregard their input.

Poor leaders can’t see the big picture. Every task you perform and every goal you aim to achieve should play in to your organization’s big picture and long-term goal. Poor leaders may focus solely on the short-term, which won’t always help your organization reach its goals.

Poor leaders “bully” rather than lead. According to The 5 Absolute Worst Kinds of Bosses, leaders who intimidate and bully their team members are less effective than those who inspire and lift up.

Poor leaders micromanage their team members. Most employees can agree that it is extremely difficult to perform well when they are being micromanaged. Team members need to be trusted to execute their tasks without you hovering over them. If you as a leader need to micromanage certain employees so they get tasks done, you need to reexamine the effectiveness of your team.

Poor leaders push ambiguity too far. According to The Leadership Habit That Will Drive Your Team Crazy, a little ambiguity is a good thing. Effective leaders know what information they need to share with their employees to keep them productive and reaching goals. But when the ambiguity goes too far and your team members don’t feel that they have enough information to complete their tasks, you will actually undermine the effectiveness of your team. So avoid holding back too much information and learn to communicate effectively with your team members.

There are many attributes of a poor leader, but with the help of good leadership team building strategies, you can become an effective leader for your organization.

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