During hard times, it is important that all team members are in sync with your company values and goals. Here are ways to promote an enjoyable, callaborative workplace during hard times. 

— Diminish Competition and Encourage Collaboration
Rewarding one employee for achieving a collective goal rather than all the employees who achieved the goal results in plugging the flow of information and knowledge sharing within your company. When times are uncertain, it is important for information to flow and for all your employees to gain more knowledge and skill.

— Reward Relationships and Forgo Increasing Monetary Incentives For Managers
During uncertain times, fat salaries and big bonuses teach key people to work for the salary rather than the good of your company. Likewise, when times are uncertain set your goals higher. If your company achieves these goals, the money will be there to perk the entire team rather than a chosen few.

— Help your employees discover their internal barriers to being genuine
Work behavior is rooted in family relationships. If being genuine was discouraged or asking for what you need was reprimanded, people bring this history into the workplace. They will be reluctant to share what they know or be assertive when they need to be. Encourage the services of an outside coach or provide a workshop and support a process for your employees to recognize family of origin issues and find ways to diminish negative impacts.

— Confront by asking questions rather than promoting judgments
Creating a questioning culture helps employees understand how what they do affects others and to become more accomplished in both work and relationships. By asking questions rather than making judgements, employees are compelled to evaluate themselves and to come up with their own inner knowing. It also helps employees develop sound reasons for doing what they do and unlock their own motivations.