Innovation is so common today that much of a company’s time is spent in keeping up witheveryone else. Apple’s innovative designers and programmers have demonstrated this over and over, while leading software developers scramble to copy the acknowledged leader.

Manage Risk

Planning for risk is vital and important for any company. Having the courage to develop opportunities for creative employees to take risks is the second.

Stretch Your Limits

When you’re choosing goals, reach beyond what you think you can achieve. By so doing, your team will constantly be striving. The members will be forced to think outside the box and be innovative.

House the Innovation Team in the Same Room

Use cubicles with low walls so all team members can talk to each other. This workspace design allows for asking questions and sharing ideas with other team members.

Demo the Team’s Work at Team Meetings

Avoid discussing what you should do and instead show what has been done and how it works. This makes meeting critique more effective.

Promote collaboration rather than internal competition on the team.

In the business world, internal competition between team members supports individual self-interest. In contrast, behaviors that are congruent with cooperative values serve both the individual employee and an ethical, productive and successful team.

Encouraging innovation and managing it appropriately makes the difference in turning idea generation into implementation.