4Refuel headquartered in British Columbia, Canada refuels heavy equipment in the field regardless of weather conditions. Its leaders believe that everyone has a right to be heard and understood in the company, and the leaders manage and build the company along lines that correspond to Crampton’s TIGERS collaborative value system. They particularly promote a climate of empathy to help them handle team communications.

Such men who refuel heavy equipment in sub zero temperatures are reticent about communicating their feelings but are passionate about their ideas, so the leaders believe that in order for their team communications to be effective, they must teach respect when passions are hot — and with this a willingness to listen to each other when working through their problems. They encourage that people should understand another person’s perspective in order to meet the demands of their company.

4Refuel leaders believe that business is all about people and how you treat them, including employees, families, franchise owners and customers. Therefore, team communications are high on their priority list. They believe that leaders should never lose sight of how difficult the refueling work is for their employees. They respect the people who do the tough work and don’t take them for granted.

4Refuel job interviewing procedures weed out candidates who lack empathy. Empathy might mean one thing to one person and another thing to another, but being able to walk in another’s shoes is the plumb line of this company. They believe that when a person feels understood, it’s possible to develop tighter relationships that improves communications at all levels of company operations.