SeminarEmployee productivity  is a direct reflection of leadership effectiveness, as top-performing managers are able to deliver a 49 percent increase in productivity over poor leaders. This saves organizations costly wasted time and team member dissatisfaction. With leadership team building strategies, leaders can increase their own performances and learn to better manage and lead their teams to successfully complete tasks and achieve goals.

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Those in a leadership benefit from striving to learn more and to be more accomplished in their positions. The following leadership team building strategies offer leaders some practical advice for improvement.

Focus on leader behavior. Offering a brief history lesson on how business tactics have changed over the past few decades, Leadership: an Evolutionary Journey suggests the theory that leader behavior is the primary factor that makes a difference on an organization’s success. Blaming employees for the lack of success within an organization is an old way of thinking, one that squashes employee morale and hurts a company’s reputation and brand. The reputation that an organization has among its employees on the human level is the important indicator for success and for retaining top talent. If leaders want to attract and keep talent, they need to focus on their own behaviors first.

Separate from the herd. According to Why True Leaders Are So Rare, humans are just like any other animal in terms of needing social acceptance. This is an important aspect of human nature to understand as it is tied to effective leadership in the workplace. While some people may have great ideas, they may be afraid to share the ideas for fear of breaking from the status quo and risking alienating themselves from other workers. True leaders possess individual courage, strength and discipline and are able to break away from the herd mentality to think and act differently. That is why they stand apart and are better able to lead others.

Stand out. After separating from the herd, leaders need to understand the current climate and find ways to build their brand to stand apart from their competitors, says What Are you Known for as a Leader?  A company does not create its own brand and reputation — others do. All that leaders can do is focus on what they think is important and consistently support their claims. The reputation will follow. And hopefully they will stand out in a good way.

Show vulnerability. Leaders are people and people are not perfect, so they should not act as if they are, says How Showing Vulnerability Makes you a Better Leader. Leaders who show their own vulnerability create a culture of trust for their employees, as employees are typically better able to admit to their own mistakes when they see their leaders doing the same. Showing some kind of vulnerability is not a weakness, especially when it leads to help and support from those around you.

Join a training program. A training program, such as the TIGERS Den Leadership Training Program, is an extremely valuable resource for leaders in small companies to receive the training they need to excel in their positions. The training program gives leaders the resources they need to create a cooperative work environment among employees, as well as necessary leadership skills to grow their organizations in a scalable and measurable way.

Leadership team building effectiveness is just one way for leaders to learn to excel in their positions, but it is essential for long-term success. Leaders who feel comfortable in their roles risk becoming complacent, which only promotes a status quo mentality that stops progress. Always strive to become a better, more effective leader to lead your teams to grow and change with the current environment, increasing employee happiness and finding better ways to do business.

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