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We’ve all heard it said that times are changing. But it’s not just the times. The workforce  is changing too. Say hello to Gen Z. A generation that grew up with computers, iPhones, and that can’t remember a time when the internet didn’t exist.

Unlike Millennials, who were born anywhere between 1981 and 1996, the members of Generation Z are more tech-savvy. They are also considering moving straight into the workforce rather than going to college. Bypassing college means companies have even less time to prepare for this new generation of workers.

Need a few helpful hints on how to prepare for Gen Z joining your workforce? Read on to learn more.

Prepare for Gen Z by creating an exceptional candidate experience. 

Generation Z is a diverse and unique set of individuals. Because they are comfortable using technology, they research companies on social media and websites. Then they consider applying for the job.

In order to improve attracting new Generation Z employees, identify which of your webpages are not mobile friendly. If they load slowly, change that, too.

By creating an effortless and timely job application experiences, you attract the Gen Z generation. In other words, think technology when you develop your recruitment plan.

  • implement new recruiting tactics
  • build your company’s online presence
  • polish your webpages

According to a recent study, 60% of Gen Z will not use an app or website if it is too slow to load. Also, 74% of their time is spent online.

By actively using technological advances, you increase your likelihood of recruiting Gen Z. They require a streamlined online job application process that technology gives them.

Prepare for Gen Z by offering professional development opportunities.

Generation Z was raised differently than the generations that came before them. Older generations had countless experiences watching kids under five watching YouTube. They played online games with their tablet. Little time was spent with building blocks or toys.

Because Gen Z was raised with the internet at their fingertips, they expect opportunities for on-demand learning.  If your company offers micro-training  for learning and development, you satisfy this need.

Micro-training offers:

  • short learning videos (think 5-15 minutes)
  • convenient, mobile-friendly training
  • distributed and varied content

For example, TIGERS Success Series offers behavior skills training that improves workplace communication while building problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making competency. Since this generation isn’t necessarily college bound, they need these skills. On demand micro-training is the way to deliver it.

If you offer innovative, professional development opportunities you engage these employees. It improves your position as an ideal company to work for.

Prepare for Gen Z by supplying genuine feedback and listening skills. 

Generation Z candidates place a high value on technology. They are the first fully digital generation. They  also crave human interaction at work.

Many Gen Z prefer to communicate with those in their company face-to-face. Like the Millennials before then, they desire friends in the workplace.

They don’t want the person in the office next door to just be a coworker. They want social interaction and connection.

Daily interactions with your Gen Z employees provides them with assurance. Providing feedback and friendly tips goes a long way with this generation, too. This is the human connection that cannot be gained through technology.

Finally and most importantly…

Prepare for Gen Z by offering flexible schedules and remote work. 

One of the top priorities for Gen Z is having a flexible schedule. Another priority is a fun place to work.

Therefore, sell the unique workplace culture your company offers. Make sure to highlight that your company supports flexible work schedules and is open to hiring remote employees.

Gen Z embraces remote work more than older generations. Of course, this is all made possible through technology. Without good technology, communicating long distance or working from home isn’t an option.

Not sure if your employees will be productive or if implementing remote tech is cost effective? Many managers notice an increase in productivity and loyalty to the company, through remote work.


Studies show that employees who work from home are happier and, therefore, more productive. This means that more work gets done and your money is well spent.

There are many complaints from companies preparing for Gen Z to enter the workforce. Will their customer service be solid if Gen Z spends so much time absorbed in technology and not with people? Will this impact effective workplace communication? How can companies keep a generation loyal when Gen Z is focused on their own personal success rather than team success?

These are well-founded concerns. However, every generation comes with it’s own set of problems.

Instead of ignoring these questions, address them. Use micro-training to improve customer service skills and build loyalty. It is time to flourish with this new generation.

Want to understand Gen Z a little better?

The articles listed below give you more ideas on how to prepare.

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