How do you get employees to champion your work culture? You need to inspire and motivate them from within your own organization. One way to do this is to get them talking about your culture, which is your company “personality” or way of being.
 Here is how one company is achieving this.
Print Art, Inc. has tons to say about the company culture.  And, at Print Art the employees directly inspire the company personality. In short, it’s not just a meaningless buzzword. It’s a big part of how Print Art is growing and moving forward. After all, a happy workplace is essential to any company’s future success.
Earlier this spring, South Jersey-based Print Art inspired its employees to begin the organization’s Culture Club. “A company’s culture doesn’t change because management says so,” says Print Art CEO, Carl Blase. “It changes because the people within its walls desire something better. Becoming a member gives employees the chance to visualize the big picture and together develop more productive methods. Most importantly, the group reinforces teamwork and cultivates respect.”
The Club meets weekly for about an hour and discusses and implements projects and events. The company views these weekly meetings as important as their sales meetings. “The Culture Club also thinks about purpose and what it means to be a part of Print Art. It involves work but a company’s culture doesn’t change without a little hard work.”

Print Art’s Culture Club started meeting in June and has already begun working on projects that will impact the company’s culture. One is entitled Setting Creative Minds Free.  The group is also working on a way to give back to the local community through an Employee Paid Volunteer Day. “The Culture Club is forming the plan to implement over the coming months,” says Blase. “Our focus is on helping non-profit organizations who need our help and where we think we can make the biggest impact.”Joining the Culture Club is on a volunteer basis and interested employees apply for membership by expressing their motivation for joining, why they’d like to be selected, and their commitment to the cause. Blase and his senior management team feel strongly about the power of a positive corporate culture and the importance for leaders to make a social investment in their people.“The shift in Print Art’s culture is vital in motivating our employees. The journey has been truly amazing,” stated Frank Nardi, VP of Operations. “Our transformation has resulted in a re-energized staff of highly motivated, engaged individuals who are willing to stretch their abilities for our clients—and who are excited to come to work each and every day.”Print Art’s investment in culture has been a catalyst for the company’s ability to create leading-edge products and services for their clients.

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