I feel blessed.  Over the past year I have virtually connected to so many excellent business people.  Eventually we discuss what we are doing to continue to work and operate a business during a pandemic.  We have all shared and learned a lot. What often surfaces is the topic of collaborative leadership. What it is and why it is so important when coming out of the pandemic is at the top of many CEO’s minds.

What I have learned is that many organizations have undergone a metamorphosis of some form to survive.  The transformation may come in varying ways:

  • A pivot to a wholly digital platform;
  • Zeroing in on digital communications;
  • Gambling on a new business model; or perhaps,
  • Finding ways and means to engage employees more effectively.

As a result, a new breed of leaders is now in such high demand. Executive searches report an uptick in C-suite or executive level roles to meet organizations’ changing needs.

In addition to the CEO, COO, and CFOs, plum (and in-demand) positions now include “Chief Talent and Culture Officer”, as well as “Chief Information Security Officer”.  These positions were rarely heard of pre-pandemic.  In fact, these were often the subject of laughable memes in the same category as Chief Chatter (Call Center Manager), People Partner (Customer Service Head), and Chief Geek (Chief Technology Officer).

But turns out, the joke’s on us and collaborative leadership is here to stay.

These are job positions that we need now more than ever.  In the past 12 months, the above positions, together with frontline e-commerce workers, personal shoppers, fulfillment specialists, delivery drivers, health-care support staff, nurses, and digital marketing professionals have been in extraordinarily high demand.  This shows a radical shift from tech jobs to human-centric roles to cater to new and critical needs brought about by the pandemic.

So, yes.  We do need a People Partner (Customer Service Head), or even an Employee Experience Designer (Candidate Experience Manager for post-hiring purposes).

What the last year taught me is that business and organizational leaders now recognize the need for

forward-thinking executives with the aptitude for collaboration – someone who can focus on work culture,

while at the same time empowering a diverse workforce (who now work on-site and off-site).

How TIGERS® defines collaborative leadership

To be candid, it may seem like the pandemic has brought about the demand for demi-gods or unicorns.  But that might as well be true.  Organizations that have managed to weather crises, economic or otherwise, are those that possess collaborative leadership and high employee engagement.  Collaborative Leadership is a management mindset with the aim of bringing team members, leaders, managers, and executives together.  In lieu of a top-down management style, collaborative leadership encourages access to information, a sharing of perspectives, and taking collective responsibility.

In brief, it’s the type of leadership where everyone is actively involved.   Relevant ideas are shared without judgment because psychological safety for employees is taken very seriously. Thus, the work moves forward.  The magic happens when every team member grasps what’s happening in other departments.  They recognize their purpose in the grand scheme. And this paves the way for elite cross-functional teams that produce agile outcomes for planning execution, innovation, change and system-wide problem solving.

One very apparent benefit of having collaborative leadership in the workplace is an expeditious response to crisis.  Those in the know are heard and as a result, decision-making becomes effective and responsive and not a pink slip surprise for some when candid conversations could have kept trust high and options open.

This is the type of competency that can spell the difference between closing shop and surviving. 

Get your organization working as a team with the TIGERS® Collaboration Course

The TIGERS Collaborative Leader Course recognizes the needs of a rapidly changing workplace.  The pandemic, for instance, calls for leadership that is more outcome-focused than directive. Yet, shifting to this mindset before analyzing the current work culture often results in failure. This course helps you avoid culture confusion that makes even the smallest change steps risky. This is the course to take if, despite collaboration efforts, you feel that your initiative still falls short.

Upon completion, course finishers receive a 25% price reduction on TIGERS Six Principles Leadership Fundamentals.  This course teaches you the skills and strategies needed to improve collaborative leadership skills while improving workforce behavior.   The result you achieve is substantial profitability and meaningful connections between leaders and employees.   Discover the buzz behind the TIGERS 6 Principles – trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution, and success.  Here, we go as far as measuring success with your organization’s key performance indicators.


A complimentary FREE Course – 6 Principles That Build High-Performance Teams.  How do you attract joyful and motivated employees to your organization?   The pandemic has brought upon struggle upon struggle when it comes to team efforts – lack of motivation, feelings of isolation, etc.  Businesses (as well as non-profit organizations) risk high turnover and poor performance.   Discover the six essential principles that affect team performance and workforce behavior.   Unearth the secret to attracting and retaining committed employees.

All courses include videos on demand, as well as downloadable material.  Options are available for live consultation.

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TIGERS provides a comprehensive, multi-pronged and robust system for improving your collaborative workforce behavior, collaborative work culture, profitability, project management and team leadership success. We license existing coaches, consultants and HR professionals in the use of these tools.

We specialize in building cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments for profitable, agile, and high performance team outcomes.  Scaled to  grow as your organization and leadership performance improves, our proprietary TIGERS Workforce Behavior Profile, Micro-Training technology and group facilitation methods result in your high performance team outcomes and change management success.

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