Certification Level 3 – TIGERS Agile & Remote Leadership Coach

Get Certified to Coach, Consult and Facilitate TIGERS Remote Team Leader Workshops & The Human Side of Agile & Change Management Workshops

Level 3 – Leading TIGERS Agile and Remote

You will learn to train organization managers on the following solutions:

  1. TIGERS Remote Team Leader
  2. The Human Side of Agile and Change Management

Coach and train new managers, team leads or anyone managing a remote team that must shift from manager as supervisor to manager as project leader. In addition to remote teams this training is appropriate for any agile team or team working on a project or change initiative.

    Manage via Outcomes

    Teach managers to shift from the traditional manager-as-supervisor to manager-as-project-leader. This is a shift from time-based management to results and outcome-based management. This requires different levels of communication, levels which are more in line with a project plan. Also, the supervisor needs to move to using more planning tools to track that the employee is working on something that needs to get done.

    When moving to a manager-as-project-leader model, you need to incorporate the human piece into your plan design. You will learn to incorporate the dynamics of the team including mitigating the already formed unproductive habits and behaviors that exist in the organization.

    Train Agile & Remote Leaders

    Level 3 Benefits:

    • Train Remote Team Leaders
    • Incorporate Team Dynamics in Project Plans
    • Be Agile
    • Be flexible
    • Adapt to change
    • Plan for Human Dynamics
    • Improve Team Communication

    Be Agile

    For teams needing to adapt to rapid change and pivot on a dime. There could be a sudden change in budget, a new audience, change in direction or sudden change in workplace. This AGILE activity-based-training helps your team develop the behaviors needed to be flexible and have buy-in so you can realign instantly.     

    Plan for Humans

    Teach others to incorporate the human piece in to their project plan design and change management. Incorporate the human and behavior dynamics of the team. Take into account their already formed habits and behaviors in the organization. TIGERS brings the human aspect into project management.

    Improve Team Communication

    Helps improve breakdowns in communication. Within the project there is a communication piece so that people are kept in the loop. Get the language to engage others and measure if your change initiative has no traction. 

    Appropriate for:

    This is for teams requiring an actionable timeline from vision to implementation such as:

    • Remote Teams
    • Project planners
    • Program or Product launches
    • Workforce Development Plans
    • Employee Feedback
    • Communication Plans
    • Event/Conference Plans
    • Joint Venture Plans
    • Publicity Campaign Plans
    • Jump-start Stalled Program
    • Employee Engagement Process
    • Launch Change Initiatives
    • Launch Reorganizations

    Prepare for Change

    Teach leaders to identify when your team does not have the capacity to change and what to do about it. Does your team have the behavior to be interdependent? Are you still stuck with silo’s with groups competing? Teach them to identify what prework your team may need before they are able to move to be an effective AGILE team.

    You will facilitate this activity-based workshop appropriate for leaders of remote teams, agile teams or teams that require an actionable timeline from vision to implementation.

    Level 3 Training Includes:

    Agile and Remote Management Resources

    • TIGERS Team Wheel Game
    • Becoming TIGERS
    • Bonus Training:
      • Engaging Employees to Champion Change

    Certify to Train

    Become certified to teach the following workshops:

    • TIGERS Remote Team Leader
    • The Human Side of Agile and Change Management

    Licensing Rights - Level 3

    Along with facilitation training, your certification includes the right to license and use TIGERS tools & resources in your organization. These tools include:


    1. TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ Assessment
    2. TIGERS Team Member Micro-training
    3. TIGERS Books: TIGERS Among Us and Becoming TIGERS
    4. TIGERS Team Wheel Game
    5. Participant Manuals

    Prerequisite for Level 3:

    TIGERS Level 1 & Level 2 Certification

    TIGERS DEN – Community of Coaches

    Certified external coaches and consultants are invited to join the Tigers Den, where you get access to the TIGERS tools that can boost your client retention, lengthen contracts, add revenue streams and even “get you into the C-Suite”. TIGERS consultants also gain peer collaboration and support, marketing opportunities and referrals.

    TIGERS Den Benefits

    • Boost client retention
    • Lengthen contracts
    • Add revenue streams 
    • “Get into the C-Suite”
    • Peer collaboration
    • Support
    • Marketing opportunies
    • Referrals