TIGERS Team Development Coaching

TIGERS Success Series and the TIGERS model have served progressive teams since 1989 by providing collaborative solutions for building a loyal and committed workforce that is consistently on target in achieving goals.

Typically, developmental team coaching involves a 60 hour organizational commitment that is structured to give you:

  • Control of your team development process
  • Clear direction on where to focus your time and resources
  • A customized group development plan that helps you achieve your goals without communication breakdown and procedural confusion
  • Customized coaching support to help your leadership team grow into their roles with maximum accountability and commitment.

The expected outcome is a high performing team fully integrated into the organizational structure with clear goals, operational standards, supporting behaviors and process skills to consistently achieve organizational goals.

The Team Development Plan is a blend of timely group facilitation and coaching that involves the following features that help your team implement strategies between sessions.

Team Values Survey And Team Interviews

This diagnostic step identifies your team’s strengths and isolates areas for strategic improvement. Much like a team X-ray, this step takes the guesswork out of your team development process and gives you the necessary information to build a customized team development plan. Learn more about the TIGERS Team Survey.

On Site Team Building Workshop

This one-day workshop launches your team development effort. It combines a facilitated exercise that gets your entire team focused and on the same page. It promotes a common language and understanding of behaviors that build effective teams and behaviors that cause problems and team breakdown.

This workshop also brings forward the results of the team survey so your team is capable of identifying and prioritizing their team development goals for overcoming team process hurdles. Your team will identify the steps needed to secure the Team Development Plan and identify ways to track and measure their success.

This workshop spreads accountability and responsibility for implementing the plan among all team members and identifies and assigns important team maintenance roles. (Learn more about TIGERS Team Wheel Facilitation)

Team Leader And Oversight Team Phone Conferences

Regular phone conferences with Team Leader and Oversight Team to discuss and refine solutions for team identified group process issues, ground rules, remedies and goals. Also included are discussions and coordination of Team Agreements that may be monitored through a formal and informal Performance Review Process.

Regularly Scheduled Coaching

Regularly scheduled phone coaching is available for the Team Leader to discuss matters of leadership concern and to guide the team development process. The goal is to help the Team Leader and team diagnose and intervene on any group development process that limits team effectiveness.

Regularly Scheduled Individual Coaching

TIGERS uses a variety of reliable assessments to help leaders and team members improve their leadership communication, conflict resolution, and planning skills. At the same time, these sessions are available for key team members to discuss and resolve issues related to the team development process.

Monitoring the Group Development Process

TIGERS Team Value Survey comparisons will be conducted at six month and one year intervals. The comparison helps a team focus on critical and timely team refinement. The goal is to minimize time spent in procedural and communication conflict and to maximize time spent in goal achievement and trust building.

Your team will also be given a pass code to our member website to post and retrieve team progress information.

TIGERS also provides access to E-mail and phone support between sessions.

To obtain information on our fees and to receive our Team Welcome Packet, call Dianne Crampton at 1.877.538.2822 or Email Us to schedule a phone conference.