TIGERS Licensing and Certification

Get Certified to Coach, Consult and Facilitate TIGERS Workshops, Assessments and Training.

Empowering Coaches & Consultants

We believe that TIGERS simple proven system can lift the world one team at a time, and we’d like to partner with you to do so. We believe in empowering and supporting you, the independent coach or consultant, to help your client teams become more cooperative, collaborative and engaged while increasing their revenue, productivity and efficiency.



Valid and Reliable

When you use TIGERS you bring 30+ years of research and proven results to your coaching and organizational development initiatives. With TIGERS, you get simple tools that make common sense to your clients. TIGERS turn-key resources, online training, and group diagnostics coordinate well with DISC, Diversity Training and other resources you already love to use.


Common-sense System

Qualified coaches and consultants are trained in TIGERS simple proven system and group facilitation methods. Certification includes the right to license and facilitate the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™, micro-training platform, TIGERS Team Wheel Game, methods and additional resources.


Expand Your Revenue

If you are looking to expand your revenue and produce a return on investment for your client, start the TIGERS Certification process today!


“TIGERS framework syncs well with transparency across all roles in life, allowing one to proceed smoothly from family to career to community and back again without having to adjust one’s character and integrity in incongruous ways.”

Cris Mattoon, J. D.

Senior Legal, Compliance & Ethics Executive

Proven Approach

There are 3 levels of training to advance consultants and coaches to be certified. 

All Training Provides:

  • A successful, research-based team development and facilitation system that is sustainable and grows with your departments and organization.
  • A reliable, systematic approach to team facilitation that continuously improves upon the way teams work.
  • A system that provides a foundation learning structure for your other work group and team development efforts.
  • Training outcomes that keep work groups engaged in goal achievement.
  • Leaders who effectively facilitate high commitment team decision-making and problem-solving.


“TIGERS Facilitation Training is not a one-off event. The skills, templates and resources are something I use over and over. It has helped me facilitate Executive Team decision-making and planning that is successful because of unanimous support and buy-in.”

Barbara Emmanuel

Sunswept Resorts

Community Support

Certified external coaches and consultants are invited to join the TIGERS Den, where you get access to the TIGERS tools that can boost your client retention, lengthen contracts, add revenue streams and even “get you into the C-Suite”. TIGERS consultants also gain peer collaboration and support, marketing opportunities and referrals.

TIGERS Den Benefits

  • Boost client retention
  • Lengthen contracts
  • Add revenue streams
  • “Get into the C-Suite”
  • Peer collaboration
  • Support
  • Marketing opportunies
  • Referrals

Level 1 – Becoming TIGERS Coach (assessing & coaching)

Level 1 training is perfect for coaching new managers, people running project and cross-functional teams, departmental managers and, yes, even senior executives. You will learn the underlying 6 TIGERS principles that set high performing teams apart from others. You will also focus on assessing, measuring and coaching with the TIGERS principles.


Become a TIGERS Coach

Assess, Measure, Coach.

 You will learn to:

  • Measure teams baseline behaviors.
  • Measure return on investment of training and coaching initiatives.
  • Facilitate conversations around the TIGERS 6 Principles
  • Create a common language for teams to use in discussing team dynamics.
  • Introduce effective behaviors to teams.
  • Coach teams toward understanding and adoption of high performing team behaviors.


Level 1 Benefits:

  • Measure baseline behavior
  • Measure ROI
  • Facilitate conversations
  • Create common language
  • Introduce effective behavior
  • Learn high performing behavior

Level 2 – Facilitate TIGERS Rapid Team Integration

This training is perfect for consultants working with project teams, ad-hoc teams, onboarding and teams that want to move rapidly through the storming phase of team development. It is also effective for teams that have gotten stuck or are in conflict. Teams that have gone through disruption and lost effectiveness can also benefit.

In this training you learn to improve group dynamics by building group behavior-driven solutions such as:

  1. Identify and correct the behavior that is leading to lost productivity in your  client’s organization.
  2. Build Consensus the correct way.
  3. Facilitate group behavior norm agreements. Using an interactive proven process, you will facilitate groups to identify norms of behavior result in high performance team behavior and outcomes. This process results in group norm agreements that are reality-based and supported by the team with emotional commitment and accountability.
  4. Reduce team conflict. This process is particularly useful when team behavior is poor or when you are building new teams. And, this is the first step in creating cross-functional problem-solving teams to minimize misunderstandings and conflict from the start.
  5. On-board new employees onto existing teams.

You are going to rapidly identify and correct dysfunctional behaviors and set new high-performing team behaviors unique to your team’s. Using your training and tools from level 1 will enable you to rapidly integrate TIGERS behaviors with the new team norms.


Integrate Teams Fast!

Build Consensus, Reduce Conflict, Define Norms.

Level 2 Benefits:

  • Identify & correct behavior
  • Build consensus
  • Facilitate Group Behavior Norms
  • Reduce conflict
  • On-board new employees

Appropriate for:

Consultants working with teams that need to:

  • Move Rapidly through Storming

Level 3 – Leading TIGERS Agile and Remote

You will learn to train organization managers on the following solutions:

  1. TIGERS Remote Team Leader
  2. The Human Side of Agile and Change Management

Coach and train new managers, team leads or anyone managing a remote team that must shift from manager as supervisor to manager as project leader. In addition to remote teams this training is appropriate for any agile team or team working on a project or change initiative.

Manage via Outcomes

Teach managers to shift from the traditional manager-as-supervisor to manager-as-project-leader. This is a shift from time-based management to results and outcome-based managementYou will learn to incorporate the dynamics of the team including mitigating the already formed unproductive habits and behaviors that exist in the organization.

Train Agile & Remote Leaders

Level 3 Benefits:

  • Train Remote Team Leaders
  • Incorporate Team Dynamics in Project Plans
  • Be Agile
  • Be flexible
  • Adapt to change
  • Plan for Human Dynamics
  • Improve Team Communication

Be Agile

Teach leaders of teams needing to adapt to rapid change and pivot on a dime. There could be a sudden change in budget, a new audience, change in direction or sudden change in workplace. You will learn to teach this AGILE activity-based-training to help team leaders develop the behaviors needed to be flexible and have buy-in so their teams can realign instantly.     

Plan for Humans

Teach others to incorporate the human piece in to their project plan design and change management. You will teach team leaders to take into account their already formed habits and behaviors in the organization. TIGERS brings the human aspect into project management.

Improve Team Communication

You will learn to help leaders to improve breakdowns in communication. Within the project there is a communication piece so that people are kept in the loop. Help your leaders get the language to engage others and measure if the traction of their change initiative.

Appropriate for:

This is for teams requiring an actionable timeline from vision to implementation such as:

  • Remote Teams
  • Project planners
  • Program or Product launches
  • Workforce Development Plans
  • Employee Feedback
  • Communication Plans
  • Event/Conference Plans
  • Joint Venture Plans
  • Publicity Campaign Plans
  • Jump-start Stalled Program
  • Employee Engagement Process
  • Launch Change Initiatives
  • Launch Reorganizations

Prepare for Change

Teach leaders to identify when your team does not have the capacity to change and what to do about it. Does your team have the behavior to be interdependent? Are you still stuck with silo’s with groups competing? Teach them to identify what prework your team may need before they are able to move to be an effective AGILE team.