iStock_000006465873diverse-group-woman-forward1Women owned businesses are on the rise and newly formed “Evolve Women,” is here to lend support. Focusing on entrepreneurial start-ups, intrapreneurs, and development programs, the Nashville based company is devoted to the continued success of business women everywhere. Whether these entrepreneurs are in the startup phase and in need of sustainable leadership team building and team building ideas or are seasoned corporate leaders, “Evolve Women” provides the tools to help women pursue their passion and turn a profit.

“It is important that we create a platform that enables these businesswomen to have the tools and skills they need to create longevity in their businesses and further their success to the highest degree.”

Evolve Women is founded by local businesswoman Connie McGee, who resigned from her executive role with AirStrip to pursue her longtime passion to help women evolve in their careers.

“With the incredible support of Michael Burcham and the opening of the new home of the Entrepreneur Center, the timing was right for me to pursue this exciting opportunity as a founder and entrepreneur,” said McGee.

McGee brings extensive leadership expertise and experience to Evolve Women. Prior to her role as VP, Strategic Accounts and Nashville leader for healthcare start-up AirStrip, she served several years as Director of Healthcare Advisory Services with KPMG, LLP. Connie has also built long-term relationships within the national healthcare industry leading many of the largest customers in Dell Healthcare and has more than 25 years in the healthcare industry.

“Evolve Women will connect a community of women, promoting innovation and ideas through development programs. We provide the resources to help women “evolve” regardless where they are in the lifecycle of their career, or whether they are inside the walls of corporations or outside. We are a focal point for businesswomen initiatives via website and programs that encourage women to pursue their passions,” said McGee.

The company already has support and backing from several CEOs, including Dee Anna Smith of Sarah Cannon, and Linda Rebrovick of Consensus Point. Additionally, Evolve Women will provide the delivery platform for women’s initiatives for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Evolve Women will also be announcing several programs including their “Pitch It” or “Ditch It” entrepreneur pitch sessions scheduled for the Fall 2013.

“, will provide several blogs with frequently updated original content surrounding businesswomen interest and entrepreneur activity. The site will also include news sources, such as Forbes Women, Huffington Post Women, Business Review and more,” says McGee.

In 2008, 10.1 million companies were owned by women, employing 13 million people and generating $2.9 trillion in sales. “It is important that we create a platform that enables these businesswomen to have the tools and skills they need to create longevity in their businesses and further their success to the highest degree,” says McGee.

When women have availability to online resources that provide avenues to connect with like-minded peers and access to team building activities, they strengthen their business success and organizational longevity. As women continue to “evolve” in the corporate world, the need for resources and tools to strengthen their leadership roles will become paramount to success.

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