What are the keys to employee engagement? What drives employees to come to work on a Monday morning charged up and ready to go? A recent compilation of data received from 281 companies and over 970,500 employees points to 10 key factors that contribute to employee engagement.

The survey was conducted by Peter Barron Stark.  Companies with the most engaged employees have ten specific differentiators that set them apart.

The following Ten Keys to Workplace Excellence originate from themes that Stark and his team noticed when reviewing statements that had the largest discrepancies in favorable responses between the Best-of-the-Best Benchmark and the Overall Benchmark. Below each of the 10 Keys is the largest differentiating statement within that particular theme.

The 10 Keys to Workplace Excellence

  1. A Compelling, Positive Vision with Clear Goals
    Statement: “I am clear on the company’s goals and future direction.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 92.2% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 76.7% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 15.4
  2. Communication
    Statement: “I feel/management at my company communicates opening and honestly with employees.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 82.0% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 60.1% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 21.8
  3. Hiring the Right People
    Statement: “I feel my company hires the best/most qualified candidates possible.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 81.3% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 61.1% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 20.2
  4. Teamwork
    Statement: “In my opinion, the departments at my company cooperate well together.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 83.2% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 65.4% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 17.8
  5. Continuous Improvement and Innovation
    Statement: “I am encouraged to take the initiative to improve the quality in my area.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 93.0% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 70.5% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 22.5
  6. Recognizing and Rewarding Performance
    Statement: “I feel my company appropriately rewards the highest achievers.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 74.8% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 57.0% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 17.8
  7. Accountability
    Statement: “Job responsibilities at my Company are clearly defined.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 88.5% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 74.4% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed the Overall by: 14.0
  8. Continuous Learning and Growth
    Statement: “My company places a high value on training and educating employees.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 87.7% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 70.3% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 17.4
  9. Problem Solving
    Statement: “When conflict arises at my company, it is resolved in a timely manner.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 79.9% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 67.7% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 12.3
  10. Customer Service
    Statement: “People at my company feel free to communicate up the ladder to get answers to customers’ requests.”
    Best-of-the-Best Benchmark: 87.6% favorable
    Overall Benchmark: 74.4% favorable
    Best-of-the-Best exceed Overall by: 13.1

We certainly concurr with all these results. We found in our 2012 Survey of 2835 Global HR Executives that trust and communication were serious pain points.  

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