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The TIGERS  newsletter is a complimentary twice monthly newsletter published by TIGERS Success Series that provides in-depth original content from contemporary leaders on the topic of successful team building, collaborative leadership and high performance team cultures.

The TIGERS newsletter  was one of the first e-newsletters on the internet delivering research based articles on leadership and teamwork.  We have served motivated leaders and their teams since 1996.

TIGERS  newsletter articles contain best practice recommendations for improving and maximizing performance, as well as expert insights on how best to build teams with behaviors founded on trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success (TIGERS). Team performance is directly related to these behaviors by either their inclusion or omission. Subscribe to the TIGERS Newsletter now and receive twice monthly updates,  delivered monthly to your preferred email box.

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Submitting articles for publication in the TIGERS newsletter

The TIGERS newsletter also publishes articles from experts that:

  • Promote ideas for improving workforce morale
  • Promote ideas for building communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution strategies that work.

If you would like to share working examples of these topics with TIGERS newsletter readers, we encourage you to submit them to us for publication. You can do so by contacting Dianne Crampton.

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“Your newsletter article entitled the Give Away was very well written and is an excellent idea for team building during difficult economic times. I will be sending it on to other nonprofit directors I know.” Marie Phillis, RSVP

“Thank you for the Trust: Walking the Talk article in your newsletter. You just hit the nail on the head for our company. Great insights.” Tom Sauder, Outdoor Explorations

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