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How would cooperation among your employees and collaboration between departments improve your business revenue, purpose and impact?

We  help your managers and executives build and improve your work and leadership teams so your work environment is one employees enjoy returning to after a couple of days off using powerful and award-winning group dynamic resources. When your work culture supports behavior that is anchored by trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success (TIGERS®), cooperation and collaboration are natural outcomes. This drives goal achievement and improved productivity. It elevates your purpose and increases your scalable impact.

Deploying our proprietary team development system through customized leadership team development retreats, 360 team behavior assessments, corporate team development consulting and team training and facilitation,  licensed consultants  help you build engaged and accountable work teams. We can facilitate your team development goals or teach your managers and executives to effectively achieve the same successful results again and again by enrolling in TIGERS Licensing and Group Development Programs.

With so much change on the horizon, it makes good sense to have state of the art behavior and group development resources at your disposal.

How do the TIGERS 6 Principles enhance your existing vision, mission and values?

TIGERS diagramThe  TIGERS 6 Principles are anchored by common sense behaviors your employees will stand behind. These behaviors improve cooperation, which improve team relationships and goal success and free your managers to grow your organization.  The principles can be tracked over time in your team dynamic assessment reports resulting in strategic information your leaders need to improve both leadership and team success.  It takes the guess work out of how to support your team when employees are open and receptive to your team interventions. This results in cost savings and productivity improvements that ultimately improve your bottom line.

A good side benefit is that your organization becomes the type of organization talented people want to work for.

Measuring team behavior takes the guesswork out of team development.

Our 360 Team Behavior Survey™ takes all the guess work out of team improvement so you can achieve your workforce development goals. This is a survey you can run by yourself or with our assistance.  Then our customized leadership team development retreats, corporate team development services, team improvement activities, and annual leadership training  and  team coaching programs help you achieve your strategic team and leadership development strategies.  It is all done by identifying and leveraging positive human behavior and engagement to improve your revenue goals.

For you to effectively achieve leadership and team improvement, call us in Bend, Oregon to discuss whether our services are right for you.  1 -877 -538-2822.

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