TIGERS Among Us Book Club




The book club kit includes a guide to create a TIGERS Learning Circle in your organization. The Learning Circle helps engage team members in a collaborative decision making process.

The TIGERS Among Us Book Club Kit also comes with:

  • 10 copies of TIGERS Among Us,
  • A facilitation guide that includes a Culture Inventory and Discussion Questions, presented in an easy to read handout to help your leaders to unlock your team’s optimum performance.
  • 8 audio MP3’s featuring over 35 minutes (in separate tracks) packed with quality content to show you additional tips & strategies for your employee empowerment success. Discover how TIGERS boosts productivity and engages employees in an entertaining format designed to share with your team to get everyone up to speed and speaking the same language in a fun and effortless way.
  • Whitepaper on “How to Create a Learning Circle in Your Organization.”


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