Empathy — Why It Is A Leadership Power Tool For Building Employee Engagement And Motivation

by | Dec 14, 2015

TIGERS Training Podcast Series

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Empathy is the 4th TIGERS principle. Behaviors that are anchored by Empathy separate toxic,  ineffective or disengaged employees from truly excellent ones.

Here’s why:

  • Teams that resonate with empathy experience more cooperation among employees and this results in higher productivity.
  • Employees are resilient when conflict arises, which means that work processes don’t get bogged down by people who are angry with one another.
  • Employees are happier and built better co-worker relationships, which means trust improves.

When you add this all up, overall employee engagement improves. Your best employees want to stay.

In this 1-hour training broadcast we discuss:

  1. What empathy is and what it isn’t and how some of the most powerful and tough leaders use it consistently to build high-performance teams.
  2. The value empathy plays in resolving a conflict that doesn’t surface again.
  3. How improvements in empathy can be measured against cost savings and productivity improvements in your organization and what this means for improved revenue and employee morale.
  4. What low test scores in empathy mean about your department or work team and how to use this information for workforce development and training initiatives.
  5. Interactive Q and A.

This 1-hour training discussion includes the MP3 recording of the call for your repeated listening benefit.

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