Team collaboration depends on principles that drive its culture. In a success-driven age, studies have demonstrated that a company that builds its teams on a strong set of ethical principles is the one that will succeed.

The following six principles enhance team collaboration, make common sense and are simple to implement.


Team collaboration is possible when trust is practiced across the board. Leaders do what they say they will, & employees are expected to be honest and fulfill their responsibilities.


If there is a sense of community and team support, you will usually also find interdependence. Synergy between team members develops to enhance team effort far beyond the sum total of the members’ own skills.


Team collaboration is highest when genuineness is valued among employees. In all too many team cultures, fear of expressing what they feel prevents team members from revealing their genuine selves.


Empathy is the ability to see another’s point of view even if you don’t share it. The person who truly listens with interest is exhibiting empathy. The person who simply waits take over the conversation is not empathetic.


Risk is not a failure to plan; it only works when it emerges from careful planning. Management of risk is vital to a company’s success. This kind of management is at its best in team collaboration.


For team collaboration, success includes the satisfaction team members experience as a result of their hard work and the roles they play in achieving that success.

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