TIGERS Team Wheel™ game and team development toolkit — is what you have been looking for.

The TIGERS Team Wheel™ game and team development toolkit help leaders identify then minimize team conflict and improve team behavior that supports cooperation. It is an instrumental leadership training and team development tool for newly forming teams, teams in conflict, teams that have experienced disruption and for organizational restructuring, because it cuts short the stage of team growth called “storming” that is often plagued by confusion, misunderstandings, and conflict. It also helps leaders streamline organizational behavior that supports all levels of operation.

The TIGERS Team Wheel™ game and team development toolkit is a powerful tool for building high functioning teams and for achieving employee consensus for work environment improvement.

Building teams of employees that champion your goals in any economy is the ultimate goal of the TIGERS Team Wheel™ !

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The TIGERS Team Wheel™ addresses:

  • What teams require to be successful
  • Positive and negative team behavior
  • Sources of team conflict
  • Employee requirements needed for optimum engagement
  • Group ground rules and norms that improve team cooperation
  • Team development planning

Compliments Your Existing Core Values

The TIGERS Team Wheel™ game is a team cooperation-building exercise that works hand in hand with your existing corporate policy and structure. Designed for leaders striving to create a successful and cooperative team dynamic, the game opens the lines of communication for team members to discuss achievable goals of:

  • Encouraging wiser, more informed decisions in real life situations to benefit the entire organization
  • Building effective group norms and team agreements
  • Championing bottom up change 
  • Building loyalty, accountability, and commitment
  • Improving morale, engagement, and retention
  • Building employee consensus for beneficial team, leadership and workforce behavior
  • Building accountability and consensus for on target action planning that supports business growth and plan implementation.

Join the ranks of businesses and organizations that have deployed the TIGERS Team Wheel™ to improve their group dynamic.

Here’s What You Receive For $997 Plus Important Bonuses:

  • Game puzzle pieces, descriptor cards and instructions for the game activity.
  • Facilitator manual that covers all the gameplay details and leads you step-by-step through the various facilitation options. It meets all the standards and best practices of instructional training design.
  • A facilitator’s pocket guide providing a “How to” summary of the facilitation procedure – cliff notes if you prefer.  Easy and convenient to slip into your pocket and take to your training for reference during the event.
  • A high-definition game demonstration video for quick reference that compliments your Facilitator Guide.
  • A PDF E-book of the Participant Guide allowing you to print off as many Participant Guides as you want when you want.
  • A power point presentation.
  • 4 90-minute Live Webinar Trainings + recordings for later playback that cover principles of facilitation, TIGERS Team Wheel Facilitation, Consensus Facilitation, Action Planning Facilitation.

Bonus Gift #1 – Two TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive books – one to read and one to share

Bonus Gift #2 – A coupon for 50% off additional TIGERS Among Us books for the entire team to have and read. The coupon also serves as a key for cost saving product upgrades.

Packaged in a convenient “grab and go” messenger bag, everything you need for your team facilitation is in one convenient place. It comes with a shoulder strap and handles for easy transport to and from the airport or meetings.

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“I used a new one [teaching tool] in the master’s level class I taught this fall. Ethical Issues in International Management. Guest speaker, Dianne [Crampton], presented her TIGERS Team Wheel, an interactive management game. In our group, two teams worked to complete two TIGERS Team Wheels. In the debriefing, the class analyzed the values, their definitions, and their validity. We also looked at the team dynamics that occurred in the process.

“The class concluded that TIGERS values have broad applications. The observation was that the values are universal. We agreed that the Team Wheel was a dynamic and effective way to look at these values in our classroom setting.

“Class members identified TIGERS Success Series as having application beyond the classroom. Reasons included the usefulness of the values, their consistency with the respective organization’s culture, and the effectiveness of the Team Wheel as a teaching and communication tool.”

Marlene Niemeir

Ethics Professor, Whitworth College School of International Business