Certification Level 2 – TIGERS Rapid Team Integration Coach

Rapidly improve group dynamics by building group behavior-driven solutions

Level 2 – Facilitate TIGERS Rapid Team Integration

This training is perfect for consultants working with project teams, ad-hoc teams, onboarding and teams that want to move rapidly through the storming phase of team development. It is also effective for teams that have gotten stuck or are in conflict. Teams that have gone through disruption and lost effectiveness can also benefit.

 In this training you learn to improve group dynamics by building group behavior-driven solutions such as:

  1. Identify and correct the behavior that is leading to lost productivity in your  client’s organization.
  2. Build Consensus the correct way.
  3. Facilitate group behavior norm agreements. Using an interactive proven process, you will facilitate groups to identify norms of behavior result in high performance team behavior and outcomes. This process results in group norm agreements that are reality-based and supported by the team with emotional commitment and accountability.
  4. Reduce team conflict. This process is particularly useful when team behavior is poor or when you are building new teams. And, this is the first step in creating cross-functional problem-solving teams to minimize misunderstandings and conflict from the start.
  5. On-board new employees onto existing teams.

You are going to rapidly identify and correct dysfunctional behaviors and set new high-performing team behaviors unique to your team’s. Using your training and tools from level 1 will enable you to rapidly integrate TIGERS behaviors with the new team norms.

Integrate Teams Fast!

 Build Consensus, Reduce Conflict, Define Norms.

Appropriate for:

Consultants working with teams that need to:

  • Get Unstuck
  • Improve Communication
  • Reduce Conflict
  • Build Consensus
  • Correct Behavior

Add Revenue Streams

When you add TIGERS Certification to your tool-belt you gain more products and services you can sell to your clients. As a Certified TIGERS Rapid Team Integration Coach you get all the revenue streams of Level 1 plus you become qualified to deliver even more products and solutions. Level 2 includes the award winning TIGERS Team Wheel Game which was nominated by Merril Lynch and won Inc Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Honorable Mention. You can sell these games to your client as long as a Certified TIGERS Rapid Team Integration Coach or Manager as Facilitator oversees the game play, debrief and outcomes. Revenue Streams for Level 2 consultants include:


  1. TIGERS Team Wheel Game
  2. TIGERS Rapic Team Integration
  3. TIGERS Team Book Club
  4. TIGERS Team Synchronization
  5. TIGERS 6 Principles of Leadership FUNdamentals
  6. TIGERS Workforce Development Profile
  7. TIGERS Team Member Micro-training
  8.  TIGERS Among US books
  9.  Becoming TIGERS books

Lengthen Contracts

Once you introduce a team to the team wheel game and they learn how TIGERS can help them become a high performing team, then you can introduce additional TIGERS tools to help the teams continue to adopt high performing behaviors. By bringing in the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile and Micro-training, you have additional deliverables that you can train against and use to measure results for your clients. 

In Level 3 Certification, we bring you into the leadership suite. You learn to facilitate your leaderships transition from time-base-manager to remote or results-based-manager. You learn to build AGILE teams and prepare teams for rapid change. 

Level 2 Benefits

  • Add revenue streams 
  • “Get into the C-Suite”
  • Boost client retention
  • Lengthen contracts
  • Referrals

Level 2 Training Includes:

Rapid Integration Reusable Resources

You receive many valuable and reusable resources including:

  • Facilitation resources.
  • Power point presentations.
  • E-book participant manuals.
  • TIGERS Team Wheel Game
  • Group norm agreement template.

TIGERS Team Wheel Game

This training uses The TIGERS Team Wheel Game, which won Inc Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Runner Up Award. The Game is the hands-on problem-solving exercise that is used in these team solutions to bring a team’s behaviors to the surface. It enables you to identify team dynamics and correct group behavior. Using the TIGERS Team Wheel Game, you will learn consensus facilitation for group norm agreements and how to use these for effective onboarding. You will also learn to integrate the TIGERS system with DISC and other behavioral styles.

Licensing Rights - Level 2

Along with facilitation training, your certification includes the right to license and use TIGERS tools & resources in your organization. These tools include:


  1. TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™ Assessment
  2. TIGERS Team Member Micro-training
  3. TIGERS Books: TIGERS Among Us and Becoming TIGERS
  4. TIGERS Team Wheel Game
  5. TIGERS Team Wheel Game Participant Manuals

Prerequisite for Level 2:

TIGERS Level 1 Certification


Level 2: TIGERS Rapid Team Integration Coach is delivered virtually. Once you register you will be shipped a physical copy of the TIGERS Team Wheel Game. At this time, the remaining training will be delivered live but remotely.  It consists of a remote group session playing TIGERS Team Wheel Game, and a debrief session. You’ll then spend time learning coaching questions to use with your teams and the correct order to ask those questions. They’ll be training on how to parlay this into consensus training and how to apply the games outcomes in other ways. 

In addition, you will learn how to distribute the game, how to instill competition, facilitate teams that use negotiation, and how teams stop and stall. We will cover the materials of the game and then how to play the game. 

We will debrief the game, train on how to set ground rules, another debrief cycle on how people learn. You’ll learn to facilitate the setting of group norms and building consensus. There will be at least 3 coaching calls. After all the training sessions, you will be required to practice facilitating the game with a group of at least 2 people. 

The class will end with a written exam which you will have one week to complete. For the exam you will be given a scenario for which you will have to set up the game, debrief it and explain what questions you would use and why.

Time to Complete

Hours Description
1 Game Materials & How to Play
1 Debrief, Ground Rules, How People Learn
1 Consensus Building
1 Group Norms
3 Coaching Calls
2 Practicum: Practice Teaching Game
2-4 Final Exam
11-13 TOTAL

How to Apply

Complete Level 1 Certification.

Pick a start date for Level 2 Certification.

Fill out the application form. 

You will receive an email with access to the first workshop. 

TIGERS DEN – Community of Coaches

Certified external coaches and consultants are invited to join the TIGERS Den, where you get access to the TIGERS tools that can boost your client retention, lengthen contracts, add revenue streams and even “get you into the C-Suite”. TIGERS consultants also gain peer collaboration and support, marketing opportunities and referrals.

TIGERS Den Benefits

  • Boost client retention
  • Lengthen contracts
  • Add revenue streams 
  • “Get into the C-Suite”
  • Peer collaboration
  • Support
  • Marketing opportunies
  • Referrals