A few of the Organizations TIGERS Success Series has had the great pleasure to serve …

Boise Cascade

City of Bend, Oregon

Costco Corporation

Eastern Washington University

Eugene Water and Electricity Board

Evan Carmichael

Girl Scouts of America

Gonzaga University

Health N.W.

Huntington Learning Centers

Intermountain Communications

Kaiser Permanente Group

Med-Star: Air Ambulance Services

Mid-Oregon Credit Union

Northrop-Grumman (Beta-tested TIGERS Team Wheel in 1995, prior to corporate downsizing)

Personnel Unlimited

Sacred Heart Hospital

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services


Washington Education Association

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Evan Carmichael, entrepreneurial resources, articles, forums and groups.

Tony Lacertosa, TIGERS Licensed Facilitator and Master Trainer

Pam Brooks, TIGERS Licensed Facilitator

What our clients have to say about TIGERS:

“We found the TIGERS survey instrument incredibly accurate as a snapshot picture of team behavior. We used that information to provide direction for site councils in selecting future staff development training.”

Leona Dater, Washington Education Association

“With your skillful leadership, we were able to openly discuss our diverse ideas about the future growth of our Church. The information obtained from your workshop helped our Board to formulate a clear proposal for Phase I of our Building Expansion Project. The Phase I proposal was presented to our Membership at our annual Meeting and passed unanimously.

Your Workshop presented an excellent opportunity for us to communicate our ideas and goals. Your insight and skill were very much appreciated.”

Sittrea Friberg

Board President

“Looking for teaching tools for ethics classes? I used a new one in the master’s level class I taught this fall. Ethical Issues in International Management. One of our guest speakers was TIGERS Success Series founder, Dianne Loy Ferri [Crampton], who presented her TIGERS Team Wheel, an interactive management game. This game introduces six values that contribute to high performance teams — Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk, and Success. In our group, two teams worked to identify two different definition cards for each value to complete two TIGERS Team Wheels. In the debriefing, the class analyzed the values, their definitions, and their validity. We also looked at the team dynamics that occurred in the process.

“The class concluded that TIGERS values have broad applications, including international and intercultural settings, when used with care. The observation was that the values are universal, though they may be expressed differently in other cultures. We agreed that the Team Wheel was a dynamic and effective way to look at these values in our classroom setting. It particularly appealed to the engineers and the “scientific method” people in the class.

“In a follow up assignment, class members identified TIGERS Success Series as having application beyond the classroom. In this assignment students designed an ethics in-service training curriculum for their organization, recommending up to two of the five guest speakers and resources presented in class to date. Seven of the twelve students included TIGERS in their recommendations. Reasons included the usefulness of the values, their consistency with the respective organization’s culture, and the effectiveness of the Team Wheel as a teaching and communication tool.”

Marlene Niemeir, Ethics Professor

Whitworth College School of International Business


“On behalf of the International Customer Service Association, I want to thank you for presenting at our recent Annual Conference in Nashville. The overall conference rating was excellent, as were the ratings for your individual sessions.”

Steve Koppel, Program Manager

International Customer Service Association