TIGERS Facilitator Judith Hurlburt

Judith Hurlburt, M.Ed., NLP Trainer’s Trainer

Judy Hulbert color Judith Hurlburt, President of Hurlburt Support Services, is a dynamic, engaging, longtime educator of children and adults.  She has worked in schools, in small and large businesses, in government and non-profit agencies, in her own business, and in one-to-one relationships. She excels at curriculum and training design at all levels.  Judith has created and directed multi-million dollar systemic change projects, has developed cutting edge curriculum for adults and children, and planned and led a wide variety of staff development trainings.  Judith is a successful project consultant and evaluator, grant-writer and grant writing trainer.  She is known for her creativity, integrity, passion for learning, and capacity to see issues from different perspectives and create and deliver new possibilities.  Judith is committed to supporting individuals and companies through life’s surprises, perceived losses, and desired changes, helping them discover possibilities within and without, and throughout their lives. Judith is dedicated to helping others in learning, exploring possibilities, manifesting outcomes, and developing strategies for long-lasting change the unexpected .and the desired.



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