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TIGERS provides a series of powerful group process and managment learning and development solutions that take the guesswork out of workforce development. Create a high performance work culture with the TIGERS 6 Principles™.

 Unleash Your Workforce Potential 

TIGERS offers a comprehensive suite of team, leadership and workforce development programs and assessment designed to improve how employees work together for high performance outcomes. Our programs focus on collaborative group process behavior improvement with enhanced management learning and development outcomes that improve how employees work together more effectively and efficiently. The aim is to create an environment where everyone can contribute, learn, grow and succeed together. With TIGERS’ leadership and workforce development programs, organizations can gain the competitive edge they need in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Now more than ever, management learning and development is critical to business success. With increased focus on remote and hybrid work, our programs provide comprehensive, tailored learning and development solutions designed to improve group process within the training design.  This equips managers and their teams with the skills they need to be successful in today’s digital workplace. From increasing engagement to enhancing productivity and retaining top talent, our programs have helped thousands of managers and their employees achieve their goals faster and more cost-effectively. Let us help you do the same!

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Team Group Process Solutions

TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile is a team assessment tool developed from business, education and psychology group dynamic research.  It measures the quality of 6 Principles required for high-performance team and work culture behavior. It has been twice vetted to ensure that it is an accurate and reliable tool for analyzing the behavior of teams in the workplace. The profile helps teams identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make improvements in areas where they need more development. It also helps organizations recognize the potential of their teams and create better working relationships among team members. With this profile, organizations gain a better understanding of how their teams work together and how they can support each other to achieve maximum productivity and success in simple and common sense ways.


Workforce Behavioral Profile

TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive Book Club – Intro to TIGERS

TIGERS Among Us is an innovative book club that teaches managers and their employees  the six principles required for high performance teams. It focuses on the behaviors that help teams succeed and those that can cause problems. Through case studies of businesses ranging from 10 to 1800 employees, it provides readers with valuable insights into the dynamics of superior teams.  Allocate 15 minutes of your team meeting to train your employees by discussing a chapter and the coaching questions. For leaders looking to improve their team with training,  TIGERS Among Us Book Club and bonus Learning Circle™ resources are essential training and team improvement tools for anyone looking to improve their connection with their team members while improving how their employees work together to achieve success and better team relationships. 


TIGERS Team Book Club

TIGERS Team Fundamentals

TIGERS Team Fundamentals is an onboarding and team improvement training program designed to equip new team members and problematic teams with the behavior knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their role. This program focuses on the TIGERS 6 Principles, which are Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk and Success and the behaviors, skills and attitudes that support them. The annual training program includes eight weeks for each of the six principles. Personal assessment and weekly micro-training segments help your new team members understand how their individual behavior strengths and weaknesses contribute to their overall success. It also gives you, their manager, a way to connect with and develop your new team members. By investing in employee development through this program, organizations ensure that new employee training and development is cost effective, efficient and designed to improve how people work together . Give your team members the advantage of regular and consistent training right out of the gate. Unlock the Power of Teamwork Today.

TIGERS Team Fundamentals

TIGERS Rapid Integration Teams

 This training is perfect for project teams, ad hoc teams, onboarding and teams that want to move rapidly through the storming phase of team development. It is also effective for teams that have gotten stuck or are in conflict. Teams that have gone through disruption and lost effectiveness can also benefit.

Suddenly Remote?

 Teams that have been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus can benefit from this workshop to learn new ways of collaborating in their new norm of virtual communication.

TIGERS Rapid Team Integration

Leadership Solutions

Introduction to TIGERS – Becoming Tigers

Becoming TIGERS is an excellent way to learn to become a leader that establishes a culture for high-performance teams. Apply the lessons from this leadership book and you’ll improve your team leadership skills for the rest of your career.


Becoming TIGERS

TIGERS 6 Principles of Leadership FUNdamentals

Transform into an Exceptional Team… FAST

Happy teams make high performing teams (download our whitepaper on happiness). In this leadership training you will learn The TIGERS 6 Principles™ that are proven to be valid and measurable predictors of the behavior that is experienced by how employees relate to you, to one another and to the goals they achieve. The TIGERS 6 Principles prescribe exactly what is necessary for you to transform an adequate team into an exceptional one. The Principles point you in the most profitable direction for closing the gaps in your leadership skills so you can produce cost savings and productivity improvements in your department… fast.

Leadership FUNdamentals

The Human Side of Agile & Change Management

 In this workshop we focus on how to incorporate the human piece in to your project plan design and how to manage change. Your plan has to incorporate the human and behavior dynamics of the team that takes into account their already formed habits and behaviors in the organization. TIGERS brings the human aspect into project management.

 This is for teams needing to adapt to rapid change and pivot on a dime. There could be a sudden change in budget, a new audience, change in direction or sudden change in workplace. This AGILE activity-based-training helps your team develop the behaviors needed to be flexible and have buy-in so you can realign instantly.    

The Human Side of Agile & Change Management

 Remote Team Leadership

Anyone who has to manage a remote team and must shift from the traditional manager-as-supervisor to manager-as-project-leader. This is a shift from time-based management to results and outcome-based management. This requires different levels of communication, levels which are more in line with a project plan. Also, the supervisor needs to move to using more planning tools to track that the employee is working on something that needs to get done.

 When moving to a manager-as-project-leader model, you need to incorporate the human piece into your plan design. You will learn to incorporate the dynamics of the team including mitigating the already formed unproductive habits and behaviors that exist in the organization.




Remote Team Leadership