TIGERS Among Us Book Club

Spark collaboration and employee engagement. Shift your teams to a more productive, engaged and collaborative work culture where employee connection and cooperation drive improved productivity, happiness and success.

Spark Collaboration  

History is filled with stories — from boardrooms to battlefields — of smaller, agile organizations outmaneuvering and  outperforming their larger, better funded competition. 

How is this possible?

The common element is found the organization’s work culture and the unparalleled engagement, connection and loyalty of its leaders and employees.  If your goal is to build a high-functioning organization that redefines success for you and your teams, add the TIGERS Among Us Book Club to your team development meetings.

 Each week (or month) team members read one chapter in the book. Allocate time during your team meeting or leadership coaching session to discuss the coaching questions from the book. Then determine how to apply them in your organization. This sparks collaboration and engagement and  starts the shift to a more productive, connected and collaborative team. 

Engage Your Team Using the Book Club Kit

The TIGERS Among Us book club kit includes a guide to create a TIGERS Learning Circle in your organization. Successful Learning Circles build psychological safety in groups while engaging team members in productive team development conversations.

Use and reuse this tool as often as you wish. 

The TIGERS Among Us Book Club Kit also comes with:

  • 10 copies of TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive at reduced bulk order pricing.
  • A facilitation guide that includes a Culture Inventory and discussion questions, presented in an easy to read handout to help your leaders focus team discussions on  important team insights.
  • 8 audio MP3’s featuring over 35 minutes (in separate tracks) packed with quality TIGERS 6 Principles content to provide you with additional tips & strategies for your teams’ empowerment success. Discover how TIGERS boosts productivity and engages employees in an entertaining format designed to share with your team to get everyone up to speed and speaking the same language in a fun and effortless way.

Your TIGERS Among Us  book club resources and learning outcomes are also a great way to engage remote employees as well as the employees in your workplace. Your team discussions can lead to improved communications while building trust.  

For entrepreneurs the TIGERS Among Us book club helps you launch a collaborative work culture from the start. Avoid culture split and other nasty work culture mistakes that cost a lot to correct. 

Order your TIGERS Among Us Book Club materials today.  Order now for $99.95 plus shipping and handling. 

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