Self-motivation means that people wake up in the morning with the drive to make adifference. This skill is based on enlightened values and allows them to focus most on the joy work gives them rather than the inevitable struggles.  Follow these simple guidelines to encourage self-motivation among your project management team.

1. Develop team procedures that are clear, easy to implement and that streamline communication.

  • Team Culture. A team must define the culture that will guide the relationships among the members. Research has indicated that a team with a collaborative personality or culture has the best chance of attaining its objectives.
  • Meetings. Establishing ground rules for meetings and following them consistently. There should also be guidelines regarding how team members will meet their responsibilities in these meetings.
  • Deliberations. It’s important that ground rules be firmly in place if the meetings are not to become procedural nightmares. Besides, the work does not get done; decisions don’t get made.

2. Get clear understandings of the team objectives.

Another vital activity of a team in the early stages and at various stages as the work      progresses is the setting of objectives. Once objectives have been determined and accepted by the team members, make certain they are recorded and distributed among the members. In addition, team members need to be reminded of their objectives in each of the team’s regular meetings.

3. Attend to positive team relationships that promote respect, positive inquiry, and empathy for resolving conflict.

Now is the time to put your plans into effect.  Deviations should be dealt with quickly and by the team as a whole. Leaders should set the tone for the work of the team by following through on the cultural values you’ve established. The most powerful reminder is seeing a leader following the rules.

These efforts will help motivate your team & focus your team in accomplishing shared objectives. The result is increased productivity that saves your organization money that can be funneled back into the system to improve and increase resources. Now is the time to boost productivity. And, there is no better time than now.