To develop a high-performance team, the very first step is to create a mission and to develop a charter based on that mission. Generally, high-performance teams are self-directed and are self-monitoring. The team’s motivation is intrinsic as team members discover opportunities for extraordinary results once they hit their stride.

1. Necessary elements:

  • Common Vision that defines clear objectives.
  • Deadlines for achieving objectives.
  • Communication with all members.
  • Regular quality reviews.
  • Members are self-directed.
  • No member is left behind.
  • Successes are recognized and celebrated.

2.  Selecting Team Members

There are two kinds of high-performance teams: those whose purpose is to make decisions and those whose purpose is to implement them. Following are some recommendations for both of these purposes:

  • The best and the brightest in the organization should make up this team.
  • The ability and inclination to work well with others is an absolute must.
  • Respect for the abilities of others is required or the team breaks down.
  • A wide range of experience and knowledge is valuable.

Coaching High-Performance Teams

The coach should be selected carefully because he will play a crucial role in the success of the team. He will help the team develop its charter. He will help the team understand why it’s different from other teams. It’s useful to create presentations so team members can see as well as hear the elements required for teams to hit their stride.